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Just Dance 2!

Anyone use this to help keep fit?? Ive just bought it and im going to use it shortly (just waiting for the kiddos swimming lesson to finish). Thinking if i use the just sweat mode i should hopefully see some results?? I do like dancing...tho im sure im rubbish at it!! I think im beyonce after ive had a couple of glasses of wine and hit the clubs haha xxx :D
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loving being a loser
i USE IT for 1 hour everyday ... the just sweat mode really gets a sweat on... the only thing i find with it is after i finish one song i get a bit distracted before starting on the next lol... but its soo amazing if you keep going at it ... my favourite one has gotta be rasputin... its like one of the most energetic and so much fun... my fave move is the little arm arm arm double head bob... haha if you play that song you will see what i mean ... and it has the words so you can have a little sing sing ... ENJOY... x
Absolutly brilliant fun!! Just used it for an hour without even noticing, tho now ive stopped my arms are aching! Hope it helps with the weight loss!!! xxx


loving being a loser
just dance one is just as fun... it doesnt monitor your activity like JD2 though so i just play it by the hour!!! they have a few 90's songs on which i love :)
Ive ordered Zumba for the wii too. Was meant to be released the start of march but they put it back to the beginning of april :cry:

I dont like exercise much so im loving all this dancing!! :) xx


loving being a loser
Im doing slimfast... started a week ago today so just had my first weigh in lost 3lbs this week :) im happy with that for now... :) im just doing this coz its easy and cheap i want to do something like exante but dont have the funds... but i will soon as i landed myself a job today in a new look?!!! new look... meee over 200lbs and i got a job in new look lol... im still in shock tbh ... anyway ...how long have you been on your journey :)
wow i admire you doing Slimfast! I tried that once (before i had my daughter) and i lasted one day! I was starving haha!!!

I joined slimming world in September last year. Only diet thats ever worked for me long term and ive re discovered my love of cooking lol!!! xxx


loving being a loser
hahaaa the very few hunger pangs i get now just remind me that im doing good lol!! :) i love milkshakes so it is working for me :) i like the structure of slimfast it is quite difficult to fall off the wagon :) i can see SW is working for you! you are doing great xx
To be fair slimfast has probably changed in the 5 years since ive done it!! I just love my food too much lol. Its ace when you find a diet that works for you tho isnt it? I mean i did weight watchers for ages and was constantly starving...so then i heard about slimming world and didnt beleive it would work but i havent looked back. This last couple of stone is proving a pest to try and shift tho!!! :( xx
I done slim fast years ago & really stuck to it & put 2lbs on.....needless to say stopped after that first week. Slimming world the only diet I've found that works for me...now I just gotta work on the will power :sigh:
I love Just Dance 2! Does anyone else think that it has to be great for toning up your arms as well as the cardio. Only had this for a week, but would love to hear from others if its helping for toning arms. I've just started on the just sweat :)
i dunno if it works but my arms KILL after doing just dance 2! I despise my fat arms so im really hoping it will tone them! Surely it must...with all that arm waving that goes on lol xx
I think so! I was thinking all the arm pain, means lots of gain (lovely slim arms!!!). I love it !

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