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Just dance for the wii


I will do this!!!
i have got it, i love the eye of the tiger and cotton eye joe, if u fancy an exercise one try ea active with the resistance bands and the leg strap it has a 4 week challenge. or do what i do and spend the past 3 days painting my stairs and kitchen, i feel like ive done a step aerobics class by going up and down the ladders for days!!


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It's brilliant! My favourite are Step by Step and Cotton Eye Joe - and who on earth choreographed ring my bell, it's almost rude, especially when I have seen my nieces dancing to it!!!!!

But on a plus side, think of the calories you are burning!
Do you need a dance mat with the dance one?

I fancy getting a new game as I am getting a bit bored with Wii fit plus. Cant decide if dance or active now? Does the resistence band really work?


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Must get mine out - have only had a little go. Need to wait till the littlies are in bed as they all want to go on it!!!

Mrs V

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I also love this game!! My 4 year old loves MC Hammer and "who let the dogs out".
It is great fun and you dont think that you are actually doing a workout until the next day :)
After all your good comments on this game went out and bought it and have to agree it is great fun - love eye of the tiger the best.
We got a bit over adventurous on the dance moves and hit the centre light fitting thankfully it didnt break..............lol
its a bit different from the wii fit i suppose so refreshing although im really bad at just dance!
My OH bought this for me, as I love a boogie and a sing song (love all the singstar stuff - though not exactly going to shift those pounds!).
Anyway - can't believe I haven't tried it yet. After all your posts will certainly give it a go this afternoon.
Can't wait for 'Eye of the TIger'!
Yup! Played it and loved it. What a great workout too! What I also love about it is with every new song there's a change of routine so you are not going to get bored easily. It's also quite a challenge following the routines, but not so much that you want to give up and I guess the more you do the faster you'll learn the routines. I was also really impressed with the number and variety of songs. I'd say pretty much something for everyone.


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I bought Just Dance on Thursday and tried it today. I love Cotton Eye Joe and it's amazing how out of breath you get and it's fun!


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Does the resistence band really work?

The resistance band that comes with Sports active isn't that good , i got a blue one from ebay which is much better, and yes you should see my muscles, it does work!


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When i first got this and loaded it i thought this is going to be a pile of poop, but i love it.
my son wanted to challenge me and i was feeling pretty confident and put everything into it and he put about the energy level of a lemming and he slaughtered me just by moving his arms. but i did build up a sweat.x

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