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Just dont know what to do


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Think about it, i did the same thing, if you get skinnier you will feel more confidence and your ex will be like HOT DAMN i want her back etc. :D If you go the other way then you'll feel worse, i know it's hard babe and we've all been there and felt the struggle, but becoming the new you is the best way to find somebody else and find yourself on the way :D xxx


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Hope u didn't slip jacko, your doing so well, and from experience it's so hard to get back on track once you've slipped! Emotions take their toll on a diet but think how hot your gonna look this summer! Two fingers up to the ex!!!


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Hey... No not slipped, still 100%... In the bath with headphones listening to music, feeling sorry for ones self :)


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Hi Jacko
I wish that i had an answer for you, like others have said, now is the time to indulge yourself, and i don't mean with food, have a think about how to reinvent yourself, a change if image, address your weight, at a time like this (regardless of who left who) you need to be as confident as possible, i left a 10 year relationship, had a drastic haircut, lost 3 stone, and 6 month later met my husband, was married within the year, now have 2 Lovely kiddies and 10 years later i am happier than ever (Maybe a bit too happy) hense the weight gain.
What i'm saying is..... do this for yourself, and for your future....

Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows will fall behind you
Sam x


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Hey hun, sorry to hear about the break up :(
Definitely not eat though! Part of this whole emotional eating thing is learning how to deal with tough times without turning to food. Basically, learning to feel our emotions - no matter how painful - rather than stuff them down with food! Living is feeling.
Keep going with the nice baths and music, and anything that makes you feel a little better. ((Hugs)) xx


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Hope you have the strength to carry on and stay strong, you owe it to yourself and will look back and be happy you didn't cave in under the preasure, good luck xx

irish molly

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Jacko, glad you have stayed strong and 100%. It is important not to turn to food for comfort. It is doing that that got many of us where we were before starting TFR. Work through your emotions with lashings of hot tea/coffee or sparkling water. You wll feel all the better that he did not make you break your diet. Good luck


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Hi Hun hope you are feeling better. I have been going through alot of stress at the moment and things are set to get worse. Whenever I feel like eating I just think I will still have the same problems if I eat plus I will be fat. It usually works for me. I know being slim won't solve our problems but it will be one less problem to deal with x x


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I can totally relate Jacko, am dealing with a nasty breakup myself and honestly am amazed I haven't binged yet. I agree with the others, embrace your feelings, cry, get mad, let it out, its better than gaining 10lbs or more which will only lead to more comfort eating.

On a side note I was seriously struggling to cope so went to doctor. Got some anxiety meds (not tranquilisers) and already one of the biggest physiological responses to stress, the constant fight or flight adrenaline rush and all its associated symptoms, has almost entirely gone. The hurt and fear are still there obviously but at least I don't have the physical symptoms so much and its helping. Depending how bad you feel it might be worth a thought. Just an idea.

Anyway, pamper yourself and stay strong, you'll be so glad you didn't let him emotionally sabotage your efforts x