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Just eaten crap for days now :(

Ugh, I just need a moan & guess I'm hoping if if I tell you guys maybe I'll stop?!

It started on Thursday and I caved and had a couple pieces of choccie and that was is - stuffed my face full of it for the rest of the day.

did well all day Friday until OH suggested chinese, so had that and did well all day today until Mum suggested fish and chips with curry sauce.

God I feel bloated and rubbish :cry::cry:

I was half way there to how much I want to lose (I want to lose 18lbs, although to be honest I would be happy to lose another 5 off what I have at the moment) and now I feel like on Thursday I will have put on and ruined it. I don't lose much in a week as I know I'm not over weight as such - just a lot bigger than before I had a baby.

Also I'm trying to pluck up the courage to ask my other half to move out and I keep chickening out, which I suppose isn't helping either :sigh:

Anyway, moan over - hopefully I can get back on it tomorrow. Just feeling pretty deflated right now x
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:( sounds like your pretty stressed an run down. It's really hard to stick to a plan when you've got big things happening in your life. Try not too beat yourself over the head too much!!
Maybe your focus just needs to be on the OH situation right now? Once your thru that you'll hopefully be ready for a new fresh start and a slimmer happier you! :)
Hope things work out well for you.

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Totally agree with legomom. When I'm stressed I tend to stuff my face.


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Yep..I'm with legomom on this one as well. Deal with one thing at a time..

Take care and hope all works out well for you :)
Don't be so hard on yourself, pea!

I've been through that living scenario myself and it is super stressfull.

Plus - so you fell off the wagon on Thursday, and at the end of Friday. So what? It's not like you went on a massive weekend binge or anything. 1 1/2 days of overdoing it won't undo all of your good work.
Thanks for your replies :eek:

I suppose I find it annoying as when I was younger if I had the slightest bit of stress I just wouldn't eat/have no appetite etc, but now I'm older I just seem to stuff my face.

I've got my WI tomor late morning so I'm hoping it's just a STS and I'll be happy with that. When you're only losing a pound a week most weeks its crap when you put on a few pounds as I'm sure you guys get!!

I have kinda asked him to leave (well a break), but he's resisting it and now it's even more difficult *bangs.head.against.wall*

Thanks Louise. Well I kinda back on track on Monday in calories, but I haven't done any exercise so I am feeling flabby and bloated. I am too busy to do any tonight, so am going to promise myself I'll do my DVD tomorrow evening! How are you getting on with CC?

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