Just eaten tinned tomatoes


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I am in heaven. My daughter who is seriously allergic to tomatoes has gone away for a few days. I went out and bought tinned tomatoes and had them with bacon and egg and toast. I will have some more this evening. How much easier does being able to eat tomatoes make this diet !!!!! I'm loving it. Got two days now to spring clean the kitchen of all traces of tomatoe before she arrives home xx
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I love tinned tomatoes, I had some with my breakfast too - I also love them with some herbs added, on toast with a poached egg, it makes a lovely lunch or supper meal.


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Tinned tomatoes and passata are regular parts of my meals, they're both so versatile. I too like adding herbs in them - I found if left overnight the herbs really flavour it much more too. Yum yum.


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Ooh, Rosie, it must be very difficult not having tomatoes, although I can see that it's very important in your situation.
I have tomatoes in some form every day.
Make the most of it while you can :)


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I feel sorry for you I love my tin toms in spag bol and my kemma curry
enjoy them while you can xx


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well. on come dine with me i learnt a tip if u want tinned tomatoes but a bit more homemade.... place some big tomatoes in boiling water for 3-5 minutes until wrinkly and then chop then up.. ive still yet to try that


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The simple things in life are definately the best and tinned tomatoes are heavenly, I'm into them in a huge way at the moment.