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Just Engaged...want to be size 10 for the big day.

x Alex x

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today = 174.2
:welcome2:Alex and congratulations on your engagement!! so when is the wedding have you picked a date yet?

You definitely seem focused so i am sure you will get there!!! good luck and keep us posted!!!

Sammy xxx
no haven't set a date but i would like to be slim enough to start dress shopping by next summer.
175 today :-(
175.4 today and have eaten! loads.........going to brave the scales tomorrow and have a fresh start (again again again)
Monday 16/08/2010
Weight 177.4 (19 weeks until xmas, 19 lbs to target)

today has been good!
fruit only this morning
lunch - ww tom soup and bread bun (74 and 135 cals)
snack - activia yogurt (106 cals)
naughty snack - scone (300 cals i think?)
tea - lamb (all fat cut off) with one potato mashed
think I may have a ribena lolly before bed

exercise - an hour on the horse

a good day :)

Tuesday 17/08/2010
Another 100% day for me (weighed 176).
will update with food diary later.

Wednesday 18/08/2010
Weight today (174.6!!)
today has been completely to plan so far (other than a 37cal biscuit with a cup of tea that I just had to have at 11am to get me through the morning at work.
so today
2 nectarine
cereal bar (90cals)
biscuit (37 cals)

lunch - ww soup (74) bread bun (135) yogurt (106) strawberried

vimto chew (10)

banana, bread bun(135)

tea - carrots, brocholli, cauliflower, mash and gravy (200??)


and perhaps a 95 cal slimfast bar before tea
Thursday 19/08/10
weight 173.8lb
so todays food has been

cereal bar (90)
raisins (40)
yogurt (106) over strawberries
sop (74) and breadbun(135)
cocopops bar (84) and apple

its 5.30pm now. going to try and do some clenaing and keep myself occupied. may have half a ww pizza for tea and a slim fast bar for pudding.

exercise - rode the horse and jumped some jumps in the fields.

rode him back to the field bareback just in his headcollar and he was so good, bless him (half expected him to throw me off lol due to my own laziness not to walk him back)
172 today yay!!!!
can't believe i haven't updated this in over 2 months and i was 176 today! bad bad bad
todays food

smoothie made from 1 banana, 4 strawberries, fat free yogurt and skimmed milk



heinz tomato soup (226 cals) and bread bun (135 cals) dark kitkat (106 cals)

pasta and salad and coleslaw
petit pois yogurt
kitkat (milk)

mini twister (40 cals)

quick ten mins riding

20mins bike (111 cals)
10 mins x trainer (72 cals)
13 mins treadmill (117 cals)
total cals: 300 cals burned
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please if anyone is reading this please feel free to post, feel a bit lonely writing to myself all the time!

so this week seems to be better, i'm managing, most days, do drink 2 litres of water (with teas on top)
have finally found myself a low fat healthy (!!!) chocolate fix - Alpro soya desserts - organic, made from soya, dairy free, and only 2% fat and SSSOOOO nice! and they so hit the spot in terms of chocolate cravings.

exercise is down, clocks going back has really forced me to cut back on the snacks, due to lack of light at night to get my exercise in.
so the last 2 days at work i've really forced myself to stop snacking in the afternoon or have fruit or an alpro soya instead.

so today i weighed 176 which looking at my last post, is the same, but i'm feeling much more positive about this, unlike my last few posts. i'm just taking this all a lb, well half a pound, at a time. planning to lose slowly and KEEP IT OFF!!!!!
no i have around 1500-2000 a day anyway but wonder how much to drop by now exercise is less. perhaps 1250-1600????
today = 176

breakfast - half porridge half meusli (250)
alpro soya (115)

lunch - bread bun toasted (135) with 3 eggs scrambled (270)
alpro soya dark (110)

bit of tesco ready made pasta (100)

so total so far = 980 cals. haven't had tea yet though, and am fancying some chocolate whilst watchin x factor!
today i was 175.8 12 7.8

got down to 12 5.4 10 days ago - want to be there again for this thursday for sw weigh in

sun 12 7.8
mon 12 9.4 WTF!
thurs Goal 12 5.4
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13/01/11 12 2.6 = 170.6lb = 77.55kgs
congratulations on your engagement!!! What a great incentive to stick to your weightloss. x
16/01/11 = 12 1.8 = 169.8 :)
Your doing really well x I'm calorie counting too, I've found a boiled egg mid afternoon fills me up and stops me feeling tired.
Also I have a cs shake for lunch if I'm busy 210cals and fill you up better than the SF ones x

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