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Just Feel Like A Minor Grumble!

Yes I have lost ten stones and kept that loss off for years now.

Yes I have as a result turned my life around. The changes I have made would have been impossible when I was morbidly obese.

Yes I know the final ten pounds will go eventually.


I have been stalled for months and seem to lose and then regain the same 2-3 pounds, endlessly.

I am not underweight, far from it. My BMI is a tiny bit over 25.


I don't want to resort to drastic measures to kick-start more weight loss.

Thanks for listening, people. I just had to mildly vent about my situation!

Good luck everyone. I and others here even more successful are PROOF that Atkins works.
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Carbs are Evil
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10 stone wow that's very inspirational :) Sorry you feel disheartened about the last few pounds, I'm sure it'll come off eventually x
S: 13st0lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 0st6lb(3.3%)
I feel for you I really do. Massive congratulations on the massive loss first of all, and I don't blame you for feeling frustrated. Vent all you like :)
S: 24st13lb C: 23st6lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 42.1 Loss: 1st7lb(6.02%)
Hi there - do you have any feelings why it's been so hard? Would you still feel fulfilled to reach the goal? Or would it feel anti climactic a bit? Sometimes when you realise a dream - what's left? In any event - such a remarkable and encouraging journey...


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I really feel for you, and I know exactly what you mean, this last 5 lb is proving hard to shift, am just on the 25 bmi myself, don't know what to suggest really, just like to say I know where you are coming from and sending hugs xxxxx
Oh and bloody well done on the 10 stones!!!!!!


Call me Linzi...
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Hey GG..

I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you, after such an amazing loss I'm guessing yr body is putting up a strong fight about the last few lbs!

Have you thought about switching plans for a short time or drastically reducing or increasing yr calories? Sometimes our bodies need a shock to allow the last few lbs to be released & I know some people have had to put on a few lbs to get rid of the last few iyswim?

You so deserve to get to where you want to be. xx


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well flippin done on the 10 stones!!!!!

is the 10lb your comfort zone...that you can come in and out of..do you need to lose that 10 lbs?

either way if you stick at it, it will come off eventually xxx
Thanks everyone. I usually keep fairly quiet about stalls but just had to post! I do want to lose that final ten pounds! A lot.

I have been doing my own version of bootcamp for ages now. Tried upping then lowering calories, tons of extra exercise, mixing around the proportions of the food I eat... It may just be that my body just doesn't want to lose any more weight and that it will take many months for the rest to go! I don't want to reduce calories drastically because that is not good for the body and can make later maintenance more difficult.

Some on the Atkins board say they have stalled for up to a year, and a few even longer than that!

At least I am keeping the weight off. That is what matters most.


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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
GG - well done so far you truly are an inspiration. Why not try low fat low carb and see if that helps??
Well your good fortune on Dukan - all of you - is very impressive and I am particularly delighted for Sona. In the 11's again!

However as a vegetarian such a meat centred diet would be no good for me and if I had to eat low fat as well I would be truly stuck. I rely on cheese even if only in reduced amounts.

So! I am going to use Cambridge Diet Tetras or similar low carb meal replacement shakes/bars for two meals each day and have a low-carb, controlled calorie evening meal with veggies. I will keep calories below 1000 hopefully but above 800. Let's see if this makes a difference.

This won't be easy! But I think I need to give it a shot.
Hi Girly,

Am just finishing on Cambridge before converting to Atkins. The tetras are 7carbs per shake but the bars (don't have any to hand) are about 15! Definitely worth checking the individual product information. Generally Cambridge is not low carb, just low cal. Some of the dietimeal stuff (from Avidlite website) is much lower carb.

Good luck :)



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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
best of luck GG a switch might be just what you need for a while. yes i see what you mean about meat on Dukan - do you eat quorn or tofu?
I do eat quorn which of course has more carbs than meat/fish etc but not tofu. I can eat tofu when it has been processed into burgers or pies but chunks of neat tofu in a salad or stir fry make me retch!


Maxie - I do use Dietimeal and Atkins products as they are lower carb but I used to love those Cambridge Tetras, especially frozen as ice cream, and the lower calories are very helpful. I don't want to keep at Atkins Induction levels at this stage - in Phase 3 I should be eating around 35-45 carbs per day, and more if I can tolerate them.

My long stall is probably just long distance dieting fatigue, but I don't intend to get complacent. I just need to shake things up a bit. Will have four meals a day, two of them meal replacements of some kind, the other two healthy low carb snack meals.
As someone who is currently on only 4 chocolate tetras a day (and I don't have a very sweet tooth) I can't believe anyone loves them ;)

I totally agree about tofu - it's awful. Although I will attempt the silken tofu in a shake in the future. Another idea is avocado in shakes to increase protein. Apparently it doesn't taste much.

Good luck :)