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Just for today,,,,,


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Enjoy, its nice to be in control, we have choices in life, x


Slow but sure....
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One day certainly can't hurt Judi, in fact it may even boost your metabolism, so enjoy your diet free day......X


Lover of Extra Easy
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Well done Judi for not having even one diet free day since April. That is quite an achievement. Enjoy, and like Donnie said it may give your metabolism a huge boost and the "oomph" to carry on with the plan.
I had such a day on Friday, not that it was planned. Felt great, especially going straight back on plan.
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Enjoy your day off Judi and be sure to let us know what you indulged in so we can all drool lol xx


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Oooh enjoy Judi! :) Big congrats for staying on plan so well for so long too!

Hope every mouthful tastes divine and you'll feel great getting right back on the plan afterwards.

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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Good call, you've earned a break and you are not the type to get silly with it. I've been a bit relaxed this week and I wanted to as well, before I diet my way to looking fab at Christmas!

Have fun! *hug*


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Enjoy it Judi, I had one of these days on Friday and ate nothing but chocolate, peanuts and pringles all day! But have stuck to plan for the last two days and feel better for it!

Syn, syn, syn away!


I want to be fitter again
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Judi I hope you loose loads this week as a reward for staying on track so long xx
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I had a day off yesterday to celebrate 1 month of SW. So for you to go 6+ months before you had a naughty day, then you certainly deserve it!! :D

I have to say that I enjoyed it, but felt incredibly guilty the whole day for eating 'naughty' food. I had pizza :eek::rolleyes::eek: as well as other stuff....

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