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just found out i am expecting & strugglin with foods already!! help

hiya everyone just thought i'd say hi,
recently found out i am expecting my 2nd child, a big massive shock to me & the hubby, as our son is 16 next month so a massive age gap but we are so happy, my problem is i am doing slimming world and have been for over 3 months now came straight from doing cambridge diet to eating foods and have been finding it difficult to shift any weight god knows why as i have stuck to plan i think its just my body still not being used to the change of plan and now my body is going through another lol but anyway i am struggling to stick to plan, i'm not pigging out at all but feel quite yukky at the mo so just eating what i feel ok with but small portions!! any tips or advice how i can change this would be grately appreciated, i just want to eat healthy and try my best to stick with SW throughout my pregnancy.
many thanks
lisa xx
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hello! congratulations :wavey:

wow that is some age gap! i bet its like doing it all over again for the first time!!

good luck with slimming world. i would stick with it for now and give it a chance, wont do any harm. you'll be up and down for these first few weeks i can imagine with the lovely bloating and sickness that comes with early pregnancy!:jelous:

i did cambridge diet too, when i went back to normal eating it did take a while to stabilise, but i figured i didnt want to just live on shakes for the rest of my life so would have to deal with the ups and downs when eating again!:rolleyes:
i'm sure its def gonna be like startin all over again luckily i am stil quite young to hopefulyl adapt to it all, i was onlt 16 when we had our 1st so only 32 now!!
i never had any bloating or feeling yukky with my 1st but i think thats cos i was so young hopefully it will pass soon lol xx


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I think its fairly common up until about 12 weeks to feel fairly yucky, I know I did and the only thing to stop the nausea in a lot of cases is not to have an empty stomach which ends up with you eating little but often and sometimes what you actually can eat may not be that healthy. My advice would be just to TRY and eat as healthily as you can until you start to feel better but you may find it hard. I didn't start my healthy eating until I was 10 weeks as only then could my stomach cope with it :rolleyes:
But don't despair when you feel better it will be easier, I have lost 10lbs since I was 10 weeks (now 16+) and am finding a healthy diet fairly easy to stick to as I feel better in myself. Good luck and don't be hard on yourself when you fall off the wagon which you will do ;)
Congratulations :) I'm just getting to the end of my first trimester (first baby) and whilst my bloating came and went, I found I felt queasy when I hadn't eaten for a while (low blood sugar basically, which is normal), ate too much in one go, or sometimes if I did a lot of travelling or standing up for too long.

My sickness hasn't been too severe luckily, and has come and gone. My main issue has been headaches, although the heat hasn't helped!

I found my appetite went, and the thought of plain foods put me off even more, so I've gone for simple meals but ones with taste (and quick/easy to do!). To be honest, my favourite meal of the day is branflakes in the morning and a small innocent smoothie (not just for kids!).

Hope all goes well and you can control your yukkiness. I know how you feel some days! :)

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