Just had a chocolate muffin and vanilla shake for tea


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I loved them!! Save a bit to make custard, yum!!!


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Hmmm...i once made a muffin wid vanilla custard....It was gorgeous stodgy and i was soooooo pogged...loved it!!!

he he beats a binge anyday....just hits the spot!


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I had a disaster making a muffin at the weekend, I nearly threw up so chucked it in the bin. I must have got it wrong, please please tell me how you do it PROPERLY!!!!:confused:


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I can never get them right either, think ive mastered the crisps but not the muffins.


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I have mastered the crisps too, I love them!! Would really like to know how to make the muffins though!


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I made a vanilla muffin for breakfast this morning. For a change I chopped a piece of the peanut crunch bar (about 1 inch) into tiny pieces and added it just before I "cooked" it. It was really tasty with a different texture added. Will certainly do it again


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be careful cooking the muffin. In my microwave its only 40 secs