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Just having a nosey in here...and wonderin....

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi guys and gals!

I just wondered, now that some of you have been on RTM for a bit now, have you experienced the feared hair loss we hear a lot about? And if so, how extreme was it, and has it come back?

Just curious.

Glad you are all doing so well and have come so far.

Well done!

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I think the hair loss scare stories are bit exaggerated, personally.
What happened to me was; whilst I was abstinent I didn't shed at all, just like when I was pregnant. It is your bodies way of keeping everything it needs for basic survival rather than use it up replenishing hair.
Once I finished and started RTM then I shed a lot, just like after I had my daughter.
I just get normal loss now, I would say that my hair is maybe a little thinner than before but it is filling out again. It isn't anything anyone else has noticed, but when you brush and wash your own hair every day you notice these small changes.
I really would say it is nothing to worry about.


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hair is a bit thinner than it was but it was expected, on the lipotrim cd it tells you all about this and says not to stress over it as you could then make the situation worse.
when you're back on food the growth pattern will return to normal.


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I had it big time in abstinance.

I wouldn't worry about it in RTM though, the hair shedding then is just the new hair growing and pushing the old ones out. It's now that your hair is not replenishing, so if you don't look scraggly now you wont when you start RTM.

My hair loss was noticable I think, I've got very fine hair anyway. In my case though, the hair was falling out but not being replaced, whereas now it (hopefully!) is.
I have experienced it for a few weeks now i'm on RTM, got really thick hair so its not noticeable. Rather be healthy and bald than fat with great hair! Although both is prefered! lol

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks everyone. SO far I have not had a problem so hopefully that is a good sign. Its just my hair is so fine and thin, I dread it being any thinner!! Its been actually really manageable since going on LL. So hoping for the best!!


Hi BL,
I'm the bearer of bad tidings I'm afraid. I've had excessive hair loss as a result of being on a VLCD. This kind of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. I had the thickest head of hair you've ever seen. I made a hairdresser cry once because she ran out of time to finish highlighting my hair and had two angry clients waiting. I felt so bad! I even used to go so far as to warn new hairdressers in advance that my hair takes about double the amount of time to colour, so to plan to be there a long time!! My hair started to fall out about 20 weeks into my time on LL and I lost clumps! I was so scared. I still lose a lot more hair than normal four months after the initial huge loss. My hairdresser has said I now have the amount of hair of a normal person. She says I have no bald patches and that the hair loss is very even over my scalp (typical of telogen effluvium). Interestingly, she has also noticed very little or no regrowth at all. Apparently, my hair follicles have gone into an extended resting phase, and I've been told that this could last six months or possibly even longer before I get any significant regrowth. Then the doc says it will probably come in all at once. There is the possibility that it won't come back nearly as thick, or even that it won't come back at all! Sometimes I worry about it a little, but I'm lucky to have started out with such a healthy head of hair to start with. And actually, I feel the same way as helturner: I'd rather be healthy, confident, and thinner of hair than the way I was before.
I think if you haven't noticed any significant hair loss this far into your time on LL, you will probably be one of the majority who has no hair loss issues at all!

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