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Just moving up to 1000


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Hello all

First time on this part of the forum... thought i'd try to find some help regarding moving up to 1000 cals.

I have 11lbs to lose - and last week I was supposed to move up to 1000 cals, but i found it a little scary - silly i know!

So i thought I'd do a little food diary on here, and if i was doing anything wrong, hopefully you'd tell me!!

The only query i have at the moment is about the half pint of skimmed milk. I'm not having cereal for breakfast (at the moment) and was wondering whether i can swap the milk for either maybe natural yogurt or Greek yogurt (0%fat free) - but how much to have?! Can anyone help? (Not going to have milk in my coffee again - i've come to love black coffee!!)

Hope everyone is ok?!

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Hi - Well done on moving up the plans!! Definitely put a diary on here - it really helps. Also reading everyone elses diaries help as we all go through similar struggles.

As for yoghurt - I'd swap your milk allowance for a small pot of fat free plain (or Greek) yoghurt (around 100 calories)

I'm not a CDC so this isn't necessarily the official response - but it is what i would do if I didn't have milk in my tea / coffee.

Good Luck and keep posting!


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Thanks Ali for your speedy response!
I recognise you from the CD forum!

I have some natural yogurt in my fridge in work, dying to eat some (with some fresh raspberries), but just wasn't sure how much!!

How did you find moving up the steps?

Hi Lynne - To be honest, I found all the steps up really hard. Losing the safety of ketosis wasn't easy and it's only now that I'm on 1500 that I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more. Have a look at my diary if you like - there's plenty of ups and downs in there!

I'm still 3lbs away from goal, but am hoping to get there by Xmas. I have maintained this weight for 2 months now (although officially only since the 10th October) but old habits die hard and I'm having to fight my cravings regularly.

Lots of people here loved the 1000 plan so I'm sure you'll do well on it!


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I'll defo have a look at your diary. I've started writing down everything i eat into a notebook, so I can show my CDC next week if things don't go too well on the scales.

I am enjoying eating tho! I was ready to do it - I want to be down at goal and maintaining at Christmas... I want a nice Christmas - not a abstinence Christmas or eating like a nutter Christmas either... a normal sensible one!

I've got the CD book open on my desk, just trying to make sure i understand what I can eat. I'll have to introduce the starchy foods this week... may have a JP for my tea... but, mmm there's a lot of choice there.

I'm not finding moving up the steps easy at all... i'm afraid in case i blow it by just not doing it right. And i've been messing about for the last month or so, so I knew it was time...

You've done so well - you'll so get those pesky 3lbs off by Christmas. Thanks for your words of advice - it's really appreciated. I found this forum a Godsend - i honestly don't think i would have stuck to it if it wasn't for the forum.



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As Alli says, do a diary... it helps a lot as you make your way up the steps, and this forum is really supportive, so if you DO struggle you'll get plenty of back-up & advice & understanding. Well done your journey so far... and don't be scared of the steps, they are a steep learning curve but probably the most important part of the CD journey. Go for it!


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