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Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by jojo-p, 22 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. jojo-p

    jojo-p Full Member

    Hi everyone, I am waiting for the arrival of my first order of CS. I did atkins years ago and lost a great amount of weight but it left me with a bad stomach (not very good at 'sensible' so ate v. high fat foods and nothing else!:jelous:). I put that weight on and did LL in time for my sister's wedding a couple of years ago. I lost 3 stone. I put that weight back on because I didn't do maintenance thinking I was too clever for it!!

    SOOOOO, here we are again and I am signed up for a 5k and starting Kung Fu too (great fun!) and here with all you lovely people for a bit of support.:)

    My goal is to just get through a week at a time. xx
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  3. curvy0girl

    curvy0girl Full Member

    Hi and welcome jojo :)

    Its SO hard to keep it off once you've lost it isnt it I have struggled with that in the past hence finding myself here!

    Taking it one week at a time is a good idea, thinking too far ahead can be so overwhelming.

    Good luck! x
  4. jojo-p

    jojo-p Full Member

    first days

    Thanks Curvy,

    First day half way done and feeling positive about it! :innocent0002:

    I am determined to take things much slower this time. Step by step, day by day so I dont feel overwhelmed!

    Jojo x

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