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just out of curiosity

what would happen if you ate something, along with ur 3 shakes, only something small, like a bite of something?

would it affect and mess up your whole weight loss process, or would it just mean you've had extra calories that day, like on any other diet?

not that im planning on doing it anytime soon, im more than full off my shakes and water, and finding nothing a temptation so far!
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It would knock you out of Ketosis and the literature states that it may make you so hungry that it will be difficult to carry on. Didn't the pharmacist give you all the bumf about it?


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Really bad idea!
i was reading in a thread that some one ate normally for 2 days and still lost 10lbs that week - i cannot believe it - try reading them u will find the answer [personally i think you can have something to eat but keep the cals the same and plenty of exercise ] sounds like this girl done that -
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as nenya says it would knock you out of ketosis. getting into ketosis is the hardest part of the diet as its when you can feel hungry and get headaches etc. having a bite of something would/could put you back to square one and you'd have to go through the whole process again.


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I personally wouldnt attempt it, although i do know people have posted to say they ate and lost huge amounts...but we are all individual and what happens to one, might not happen to another.

I would just try and stay focussed on just having your shakes and try not to entertain eating thoughts as it will drive you mad eventually! Keep looking forward as you are doing well at the minute.

i also dont recommend people falling of the wagon, so to speak......it happens, it happened to me and many others, but it isnt a nice feeling....and can swing both ways; either make you more determined to make it or through you off course completely.

Have a good day!!!!


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Not a good idea if you want maximum results!

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