Just passed my first test - and I mean just!

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  1. FreshStart

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    Day 4 for me today

    Sis-in-law has sent some fresh cream belgian chocs around for me as a belated present. I felt weak at the knees but put them in the fridge and allowed the children to open and eat a couple. They are now at the back of the fridge. This was 2 hours ago, since then I have had a bath, a cup of black tea and hoovered. All distraction tactics.

    My thoughts were:

    1. If I was going to sabotage my diet, I would rather eat something healthier so its not worth it.

    2. My sis-in-law (hubby's sis) has not been kind to me this year and I do not want my failure to be linked to her as I will do my usual trick of not taking responsibility for my own actions. If I eat those chocs, its my fault not hers as she does not know I am on this diet.

    3. If I eat today, I will continue to eat until after the New Year as I will convince myself this is the wrong time of the year to start and again it wasnt my fault, just bad timing.

    Just about to have a chicken soup which should help for an hour or so...
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    Well done Freshstart on staying so strong and positive.

    In the first few weeks it can help to divide the packs and make two mini meals out of them, but you must make each up fresh and consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble and will lose their nutritional value.

    It is very difficult to have to put up with unkind people as it can chip away at yourself esteem, but it is worth remembering that people like this are normally not very happy themselves and transferee their unhappiness onto others as a quick release of their own misery.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Shazpaz

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    Don't get us all started on sisters-in-laws. We had a whole thread dedicated to them and how they can be right cows. Mine knew I was doing lipotrim and bought me Thorntons and a huge Bottle of Baileys! Keep strong. You sound like you have the right attitude so stick with it. I gave mine all away as quickly as possible so the temptation was gone.

    Good luck hun and don't let her win.
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  5. sumayyah

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    well done on resisting the temptation
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  6. pineapple

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    Fresh Start - well done you, you sound very positive and you should take a minute to be proud of avoiding the temptation. I try and say to myself that there are going to be temptations every single day and if I can get passed one then I can get passed loads more! Just keep thinking about the look on youe sis in laws face when you see her a few weeks nto your lipo journey - avoiding these chocs to see the look on her face will be well worth it!
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  7. Freda

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    Go you freshstart, you must be so proud of that determination!!! Now watch the weight melt off :)
  8. FreshStart

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    Thank you so much everyone!!

    Its great to know that I can come on here and post my innermost feelings and not be judged. If I tried to explain the difficulty I had with those chocs to a friend, they would think I was crazy! Most would say life is too short, just eat them, but I know if I do eat them, my life will be short (does that make sense?!).

    At this weight, life can seem a little bleak but even in these early stages of the diet, I already feel positive because I know I am in control and can change it and I am now on the path.

    I dont want to dwell too much on the last time I did LL and lost and put back on so much weight, but I do need to face up to where I went wrong to avoid doing it again.

    I felt like I was on the right path before, I followed it all way to the destination, glimpsed my ultimate of goal (of being under 11 stone) and then ran as fast as I could back up the path because I was scared, piling the weight back on until I could hide in this 16 stone body!

    This time I will not be scared, I will stay there and enjoy it!!
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