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Just passing through .. LL question.


Im trying to make up my mind whether to do LL or WW. Ive done WW before and succeeded.
However, I know LL you have bars, shakes and soups, but what if you get hungry in between meals or in evening (when I do) How do you fill yourselves up ? Can you have anything else ? or is it just LL products and water ?

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Queen of the Damned
Hi Paul

Yep, it's just LL products and water. You shouldn't get physically hungry because by day 3 or 4 you are in ketosis which acts as a mild appetite suppressant, and causes your body to burn fat.

Hope that helps :)
Paul, I eat out of boredom too. Evenings are the only time I usually struggle with this diet but look at my tracker. Eating out of boredom is one of the habits that we need to break in order to prevent the weight going back on, so by not eating in the evening you will actually be learning a good mechanism to maintaining your weight. We have soups, bars and shakes. In the early days I used to split at least two of mine so I was eating 6 times a day and this helped me feel fuller. Just drinking water helps a lot, some people like it hot with the flavouring in. You can also get a savoury drink which you can have twice a day (marigold boullion powder is similar and very nice). Black tea and coffee is fine too. After a couple of weeks it really does become less of a problem. I couldn't recommend it highly enough but its not for everyone, if weightwatchers works for you then maybe you don't need LL but people who do LL usually chose to do so to address the issues that make them overeat in the first place and you are the only one who can decide if that applies to you! I love WW but have never managed to stick to it for long, eliminating food from my life has worked much better for me!
I think everyone doing LL liked to eat out of boredom before they did LL - otherwise they wouldn't have to do it!

There is also the option of having LL savoury drinks (although most people on here opt for Marigold boullion) especially in the winter - you can also have water flavourings provided at extra cost by LL - in the summer I made mine into lollies.

I think it's about placing a distance between you and food so that you can learn how to eat from scratch again - the difference between LL and WW is that (I assume you are a man!) in 60 days you will lose at least 3 stone if you are BMI 30-35 and probably a lot more if you weigh more than that. So you won;t get bored with the numbers!

I did LL last year and lost 102 lbs (7st 4lbs) between January 3rd and July 15th when I finished management. It is the best thing I ever did. It was sheer hell for the first 5 or 6 days, but after that I can say that it was VERY rare indeed that I was ever hungry. I went on business trips, went to parties, meals out, BBQ's the whole lot, and never broke once. 4 packs a day, the occasional savoury drink (I found them too salty), and at least 6 litres of water. That's it.

I used to overeat for various reasons, boredom, stress, anger, etc etc, as well as times when you just don't know you are doing it ... for example squashing together all the little shards of cheese on the chopping board and eating them .....

LL gives you the opportunity to completely step back from food and to reassess your relationship with it and to really get inside your head and understand why you overeat. I personally found all the DVD's a bit female oriented and twee, but I understand that they have now introduced a male oriented set so they may be better. I got little out of the DVD's, but plenty from talking within the group.

I stepped over to CD after completing LL management to continue my losses whilst eating some food - something that CD offers you over LL. If you feel the need for food, then maybe take a look at CD instead and go for one of the levels where you can have some food as well.

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