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Just put my phone through the wash....

I wrapped mine in a towel and placed it in the oven on a very low heat, it sort of worked, but wasnt ever the same again really, depends just how washed it actually is!
I would take out the battery and sim and try to dry them naturally. I dropped mine in the bath once and it dried out fine - it is a bit different to washing it though.


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I dropped mine in a bowl of water once, got it out quickly, dried the battery and the sim card and also put the phone on top of fire to dry it out.....it worked but was never the same, so I had to get a new one, Good luck with yours, fingers crossed it will dry out and work properly.
Glad you sorted it. I saw on TV once what to do, fill a jar full of rice and put the phone in it and leave it over night. Apparently the rice soaks up the water and the phone should work.:confused:


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Just in case anyone does this again....take it all apart, put it in a bowl of rice and leave it in the airing cupboard for about 3 days. It's the best chance of bringing it back to life again.

Mine was still broke though..lol

take phone apart, place in towel and put in the airing cupboard. When i did this it semi-fixed it. I had no backlight tho.. but if u put it under a light it was still fully use-able! LOL x


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I hate mobile phones! I got mine courtesy of Avon about 6 years ago it still has over £8 on it! LOL.
My brother-in-law dropped his phone down the toilet last night, that will teach him for using it as a light lol.
I can't help feeling like there is more of a story here...But I'm not sure I want to hear it! :D
I can't help feeling like there is more of a story here...But I'm not sure I want to hear it! :D
LOL nothing exciting anyway. His 10-month-old daughhter was crying at about 3am so he got up to put her dummy back in but didnt want to turn the light on to wake her completely, so he just used his light on his phone, then decided he needed a wee so went into the bathroom, opened his phone but lost his grip and it fell into the loo. Any you can imagin how he had to get it out. :D

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