Just started 2:5 diet today

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by moby77, 12 May 2014.

  1. moby77

    moby77 New Member

    Hi I've jus t started this diet today. Today is my first fasting day, just having something now but sticking to 400 cals from what I've worked out with my BMR.
    Is there a weigh in group on here I can join? I done this diet before and lost a fair bit so hoping to do the same again :)
  2. moby77

    moby77 New Member

    Is this a very quiet thread usually ?
  3. NikkiW

    NikkiW Active Member

    Yup!! I pop in every now and again but it is very quiet. Good luck on your journey! Xx
  4. diviajar

    diviajar Well-Known Member


    If I understood well, you'll have 400 kcal on your fasting day, is that right? I'm trying to understand this diet to try it myself. I need to lose about 7 kg. How did you get to the 400?

    Thank you for your help and success to you!
  5. Dietninja

    Dietninja Diet whore...:)

    I tend to have between 400-600, think most people have around 500. It depends what version you are following :)

    Good luck!
  6. Dietninja

    Dietninja Diet whore...:)

    There is a calculator on the 5:2 site and on the juddd site...
  7. moby77

    moby77 New Member

    I tend to stick for 400 cals as I worked mine out using the calculator to be 460 cals :)

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  8. diviajar

    diviajar Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I'll check the site.

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