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just started CD today and looking for support


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Hi Susan,

Welcome to Minimins. I'm also on Cambridge and had/have a similar amount to you to lose. I'm 7 weeks in and have lost just under 2.5 stones so far.

CD is both the easiest and hardest thing I've ever done, but I'd say that for the most part the balance is tipped on the easiest. I'm on Sole Source so don't have to think about food, which has given me loads of head space to work out what my relationship with food is and work out why I use it for more than fuel.

Socially, it can be a very restrictive diet, but once you're in the way of it, it becomes second nature.

As long as your head is in the right place for starting, I'm sure you'll do great.

This forum is full of great people who will always lend an ear if you're struggling or have something to celebrate, so make sure you use us lots!

Good luck with everything and shout if you want to chat more.

Thelma x
thanks thelma - you've done so well. how did you keep motivated first couple of week?

thanks for replying


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To be honest, I'm not really sure! lol I think I really just did have my head in the right place. I'm going to Australia for a month in January and although that is definitely not the reason for losing weight, it was the main catalyst and I'd got to the point where I thought that if I didn't do something radical like Cambridge, I wouldn't do anything at all. And I didn't want to be that person.

I was also motivated by the losses other people had - one stone per month really is the average and most people achieve that. That made my journey seem more achievable as, I'm sure you'll appreciate, losing half a stone a month on conventional diets felt like getting to a healthy weight would take an eternity.

I was worried about side effects etc, but I've been lucky and can't say I've experienced any really. Had some hunger pangs the first few days, but very soon I was able to really tell the difference between real hunger and head hunger!

What made you decide to do Cambridge?
Hi there, good luck on your journey.

I start week 5 next week so I am still new, this place is my haven and helps me to stay focused.

Everyone is lovely here and very supportive, come and say hello on the butterfly thread when ever you want, we are all doing the same diet and helping each other.
Hear hear Witchy! I've just started week 4 and this forum - especially the Butterflies - is whats helped me stay with it! I hang on in there because every hard-earned hour I've been on this would be wasted if I gave up! Its the best and the worst thing I've ever done but the changes are so rapid that it makes it all worth it! You go for it girl - you CAN do it!!! xxx
Thanks guys, I really do want and need to do it. I'm turning into a hermit cause hating way I look and tried all kinds of diets so thought if I didn't have food in house then it should help me.

I want to feel good about me and get on a plane and not squeeze into seats, and just be able to wear nice clothes which are not a 24 and feel confident enought to get out and make some new friends etc etc

I'm going away in Oct so would feel nice to have lost something and 40 in 2011 so want new me.

Sue xx


Winning a losing battle!
Congratulations on deciding to start CD, this really is a fantastic diet if your head is in the right place.

Keep coming onto this forum and it will keep you motivated, you'll probably also find that as the weeks progress you'll find that you do know people who are doing CD or something similar but haven't told anybody - I've found 3 people doing it and I would never have known!!
Hi there. I started last week and managed to lose 7.5lbs in first week, so it does work. Get weighed again on Thursday and am actually not dreading it the way I used to with weight watchers. Hope you have an amazing first week :)
hi susan, welcome to cambridge forum, it will be hard for first three days but the results are fab. i've got a lot to lose also and was fed up with lb here and there with sw diet. have had two weigh ins and lost 17lb and weighing again tues, keep in touch this site is great and a great lifeline and its keeps you busy and not thinking of food too much! are you on sole source also? x good luck
Hi yes I'm on sole source. Had first appointment today with the counsellor so got to get through to next sunday but I'll definately come on here. Just emptied food cupboards so nothing to tempt me now as long as I don't go near shops. Weekends are the worst for be so fingers crossed x
thanks - good to know there's support. whenever i've tried different diets in the past - i went to meeting and that was it- felt totally alone. after 1 day on this, feels good chatting to people in same position. not telling family and friends until I've lost couple of stone as need positive feedback and although they don't mean to hold me it does affect me so glad I've found this forum x

good luck to you all xx
The great thing is we're all in the same boat here Susan and we all go through exactly the same emotions with regard to the diet so you're amongst friends. There's loads of great tips and ideas floating around too - and its fab for getting support when you're feeling down or struggling. You're going to do great on this so go for it!!!! xxx :grouphugg:
Susan im totally the same, done every diet possible and will small weight loss just lost the will, where as this diet ive had great results already, in a month ive dropped a trouser size and two top sizes, its amazing, all you need is will power (and lots of lovely support). good luck honey x
Thanks witchy, on day 2 and I'm getting that empty stomach feeling. I've drank so much water I've been running loo since last night.

I keep trying to imagine me slimmer but its difficult at moment. Its good to hear that you have dropped your clothes size. I dream of the day I will be less than 20 (24 at moment)

I better get back to my work and pray this empty feeling goes.

Have a good day

Sue xx

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