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just started official pre-maintenance

I had no idea that the 9lb loss during December would propel me so far on my Atkins path. Pre-maintenance was something vague, for when I was 'near goal'.

What a surprise then, today, to check the Atkins site (yes I need to read my books again!) and find that pre-maintenance should be embarked upon when one is ten-twenty pounds from intended goal.

So! Here I am lol.

At Phase 3 of Atkins. Wow. Will now read up on all the things I can slowly reintroduce!

And all thanks to Atkins.
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Well done love, it's a scary time pre maint. Take it gently and easily darling, you are so close now, and don't forget you'll lose much slower.

:D Another Atkins success story here darling.
Thanks Jim.

Yes it is a bit scary. You worry about making mistakes, or adding back too much, too soon, perhaps by accident.

Already OWL is starting to look like a fond, comfortable friend! But if I could get through a two month stall without packing it in, I can get through pre-maintenance (hopefully).

Atkins is just the best.
Hey there girly and welcome to maintence :D. It's a scary in the sense that you don't want to gain weight back or go overboard and you're not sure of things and etc.. I've been there and still have my moments but this forum has helped tremendously and makes you realize that you aren't alone..:)

One thing that has helped me is that I had to think like a think person or normal weight person. That has helped because eventhough I have lost the weight and reached goal I still saw myself as overweight and thinking like an overweight person..

You'll get it right and there's no one right way, it's different for everyone..

congrats again and like jim said another success story :D
My next goal - no hurry! - is to hit the 10st 7lb mark. That will mean a total of ten stones - 140lb - lost. Almost there.

I will be careful from now on to monitor my intake and my weight without becoming obsessive. I kicked my scales addiction ages back and do not want to revisit that particular problem!

I realise that weight loss will slow and that this is how it should be. That will be the hardest part, I think.

Thanks for the wonderful encouragement. There really is no way of eating to rival the Atkins plan.

My bedtime reading tonight will be... Atkins!
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I'm so pleased for you girly, you have done as well as me love, and that's so good to think about
Well done hun!! ur gona do great!!!
WOW girly.... you have done fantastic! You are an inspiration. When did you start your diet?
Good luck with your next phase :)

Thanks so much. There now follows a long post... (sorry!).

I am no heroine, believe me! There have been many ups and downs on this particular journey. I hit my top weight 9 years ago, after a back injury confined me to bed for months. I already weighed a shocking 16st 7lb or thereabouts. Whilst confined to bed I nibbled and nibbled and gained a further three stones in three months. The last time I weighed myself in those days I registered 20st 7lb. I went a wee bit higher, I feel sure, but do not count that as I didn't see it on the scales.

Devastated and barely able to walk to the loo without puffing and wheezing I decided to do my very best to eat less and exercise more, to hopefully get back to, or at least reasonably close to, my one-time size 8 figure (I am not including my anorexic body days here). I must say that I no longer wish to be size 8! I am 5' 4" and a half. Size 12, or at the very least size 10, is my goal. I want to retain my curves!

Basically I kept at it, sometimes yo-yoing, mostly losing, usually calorie-counting. When I stalled at 16st 7lb again I turned to CD. That worked well for the next three stones, but I suddenly found I just couldn't stick to the packs any more, nor could I afford them! So I tried low carbing, only in a kinda vague way because I didn't realise a vegetarian could do it seriously.

When I got to 12st 7lb last summer I thought, okay, CD again? But first I thought I'd give Atkins a go. Properly this time. Buy the books, look online, etc. I started rather tentatively, getting a few things wrong because I couldn't see how to get a wide enough range of foods. Then I became more adventurous, began to cook lots of low carb things at home as well as sourcing them online, and I was off and running.

And here I am, at 10st 10lb. It's like a dream and yet it is very real. Anyone can do this if they give it a real good go. Not perfect adherence to the programme! That is impossible for human beings. Just enough effort and determination to make the difference.

Good luck to everyone here and elsewhere who has made up their mind to finally get rid of the surplus weight. Low carbing, I truly believe now, is the best way to achieve wonders.
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girly your story is so inspirational and so are you. You're a great example for those who have struggle with an eating disorder and losing weight. :)
Thank you hun.

I feel passionate about Atkins, and about low-carbing in general. Many people have told me that only by restricting carbs can they regularly beat the urge to binge. This works for me, too. If you don't have a severe craving in the first place, you don't need to binge! And I say 'need' because as we all know that is how it feels.

I start each day knowing that I can eat, and eat well. I can nourish my body whilst maintaining my losses. To the long distance dieter, this is a minor miracle in progress. This is the way of eating, and of living, I longed for during those long dark anorexic and morbidly obese years and at all points in-between.

And it's free. Available to all who seek it out. With the support of others it becomes almost easy, and most certainly, fun.

What a blessing.
You are so positive girly and a great example for those out there struggling to find a way of living to stay healthly because it's a lifestyle change..

big hugs to you and just keep on going.. you really should post your story in the success forum.
I'm not at goal yet. Got at least ten pounds still to lose and possibly a few more. This could take weeks if not months on pre-maintenance! I am mentally preparing myself for a longish haul, if necessary.

What has spurred me on lately is the December whooshie. A 9lb loss after a long stall is amazing, and to those who are worried about STS I say, be patient. The weight will start to shift again.

I helped things along by cutting down on sugar alcohols, nuts, and low carb bread. From now on I will exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day, the way I used to. It does help and it makes me feel better and more energetic.

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