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Just started SW...is it normal to feel sooo bloated on green days?

Dont think I have ever felt so blown up or windy :ashamed0005:. I am also wondering how its going to be possible to lose weight while enjoying so many free foods that are mainly carbs ( ive been fully taking advantage of pasta n sauce by bachelors). Anyone having or had good success following mainly the green plan? tia for any advice :eek:
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Completely normal for me! I lost my first two stone on green. Just make sure you have plenty of veg and don'y rely too heavily on the processed pasta in sauce. I used to be so bloated I looked pregnant and felt like I'd put loads of weight back on but i hadn't. I now mix in red days and my bloating is so much better, good luck X
Thanks for the fast response. Its cheered me up no end to hear that the bloating is normal, also to hear that you lost 2 stone on the green plan. My first weigh in is tomorrow so i am hoping for about a 3 pound loss.


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I have mainly green days as I don't feel I'm on a diet on green. I don't suffer with bloating, but I do get very windy. My poor other half is used to it now lol. Have you tried eating 'live' yogurts, they may help with the bloating.


Green days do tend to have that effect on me, too! Nowadays I do mainly red days, but I used to do a lot of Green. Back then if I was going for an evening out, I would have a red day so I felt slimmer!!
My OH says that if I carry on having Green days I will be slimmer but have no friends due to excess wind!!! Ha Ha sorry OH but I aint changing days!!!!!!!!!!


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i had my first green day yesterday!! (only started last week) but i have to admit i did feel really bloated last night, i made cottage pie with quorn and had a huge portion of carrots and swede with it and i could barely move after dinner!! have gone back to red today but will keep trying green days!!
Just updating. I lost 3 pounds at my first weigh in! Not bad considering I literally stuffed all week on the green plan! I am giving the EE plan a try this week to see how I get on with that.
I do mainly green and do feel quite bloated at times, especially if i eat a lot of processed food. I keep trying to build in red days, but i can never think of what to eat so end up on a green day again! Must try red days i think, to see if that helps with the bloating!


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Yes green bloat me out to, but I find they keep me 'regular' too :D

I lose more on green then red so tend to have mostly green days.

I feel the same on green days so have a few days on that and then a day on red, but they don't tend to fill me up as much. Has anyone tried the EE day? My friend is follwing that and swears by it.

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