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Just started SW...is it normal to feel sooo bloated on green days?

Dont think I have ever felt so blown up or windy :ashamed0005:. I am also wondering how its going to be possible to lose weight while enjoying so many free foods that are mainly carbs ( ive been fully taking advantage of pasta n sauce by bachelors). Anyone having or had good success following mainly the green plan? tia for any advice :eek:
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Completely normal for me! I lost my first two stone on green. Just make sure you have plenty of veg and don'y rely too heavily on the processed pasta in sauce. I used to be so bloated I looked pregnant and felt like I'd put loads of weight back on but i hadn't. I now mix in red days and my bloating is so much better, good luck X
Thanks for the fast response. Its cheered me up no end to hear that the bloating is normal, also to hear that you lost 2 stone on the green plan. My first weigh in is tomorrow so i am hoping for about a 3 pound loss.


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My weigh in tomorrow too,sure you'll be fine. let us know how you get on x


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I have mainly green days as I don't feel I'm on a diet on green. I don't suffer with bloating, but I do get very windy. My poor other half is used to it now lol. Have you tried eating 'live' yogurts, they may help with the bloating.


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Green days do tend to have that effect on me, too! Nowadays I do mainly red days, but I used to do a lot of Green. Back then if I was going for an evening out, I would have a red day so I felt slimmer!!
My OH says that if I carry on having Green days I will be slimmer but have no friends due to excess wind!!! Ha Ha sorry OH but I aint changing days!!!!!!!!!!


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i had my first green day yesterday!! (only started last week) but i have to admit i did feel really bloated last night, i made cottage pie with quorn and had a huge portion of carrots and swede with it and i could barely move after dinner!! have gone back to red today but will keep trying green days!!
Just updating. I lost 3 pounds at my first weigh in! Not bad considering I literally stuffed all week on the green plan! I am giving the EE plan a try this week to see how I get on with that.
I do mainly green and do feel quite bloated at times, especially if i eat a lot of processed food. I keep trying to build in red days, but i can never think of what to eat so end up on a green day again! Must try red days i think, to see if that helps with the bloating!


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Yes green bloat me out to, but I find they keep me 'regular' too :D

I lose more on green then red so tend to have mostly green days.

I feel the same on green days so have a few days on that and then a day on red, but they don't tend to fill me up as much. Has anyone tried the EE day? My friend is follwing that and swears by it.

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