Just Started the Cambridge Diet, and Need Immense Support

Hey everyone, I'm kinda a newbie to forums, so looking forward to meeting lots of new people in here.

I'm 19 this year. I've been horribly overweight my entire life, and about 2 years ago I was at my heaviest, at 159lbs. (i'm only 5'3".) I decided to start losing weight and around August last year I managed to hit 132lbs.

Things started going haywire from that point onwards because by then I was starting to wanna lose alot more weight in a short period of time. As a result, I started going to extreme measures like starvation diets, overexercising etc. Unfortunately, I did not manage to lose anything more, and instead developed a combination of a COD (compulsive overeating disorder) and bulimia. I would starve and overexercise for a few days, then completely lose it (either to lack of weight loss or hunger) and binge like there's no end. At the worst of it all, this pattern actually occured on alternate days (starve & exercise on one day, binge on the next)

And so, this entire cycle dragged on, and before I knew it, it was already 1 wasted year of nothingness, in which i saw my weight fluctuate between 123lbs - 140lbs.

Sorry for this really lengthy post, but just wanted you guys to know the ruck that I'm stuck in right now. I actually bought the cambridge diet about a week and a half ago, but I've been struggling with it. Today's the first day of probably the millionth restart of my life, but I'm starting the CD again. Not much confidence, determination or strength left, but I'm just going to drone on for 1 week and see how things go.

Anyone who's ever experienced weight loss with the Cambridge Diet, do let me know, just as a source of motivation for me.


Hiya, it sounds like you have a really difficult few years. Well you have come to right place for all the support and advice you might need. Good luck with your new journey:D

One thing which is said with kindness and concern - have you let your counsellor know about your past history? If they know they will be able to give you the extra support you may need. As I said before, good luck and welcome:) :) :) !
Hey Nat, thanks for your support. :) nah from where I come from (singapore), we don't have the whole cambridge counsellor support system. I'd really love to have one though. :(

anyways how have u done so far on CD? what's your average weight loss like?
Good luck hun!! For motivation you should look at the pics in the gallery...some are amazin!! some of the diaries where people have reached their goal are so inspirational as well.

I've lost 17lbs n 4 weeks..a lot of people have lost even more than that...I really hopw you can stick to this hun, it sounds like emotionally you need it...theres always someone on here, so log on and ost whenever you feel the urge to give in and stray from the diet....Coley has a wagon leaving today (on another thread...) jump on that and you will all be supporting each other!

Good luck...
Hi there, your story really touched me, life is tough enough at your age without the weight troubles. I know a lot of people here have had fantastic losses, but it isn't always as fast for everyone, particularly when they haven't got a lot to lose - which believe me you haven't, just read some of the stories here and you'll get that idea into proportion.
I'm a bit worried about your weight goal, have you got a BMI calculator? According to mine your current weight is healthy, the lowest healthy weight for your height is 112lbs, go under this and you would be officially underweight and risk the problems associated with that.
There are plenty of counsellors posting on here and I'm sure some of them will give you good advice.
Hiya Craving!!

Welcome to the boards.

I promise you that Cambridge is a great way to lose weight and gives you back control over food and allows you to reevaluate your relationship with food.

Anyway welcome again and look forward to watching you shrink.

Well I wish you luck at being happy with yourself But I have to say your goal weight worries me too. Thats something like 6 stone and is seriously not good for you. I am the same height as you and cannot imagine how ill I would look at that weight.

I understand you're young and a lot of your friends are all probably going to be very thin (from what I've seen of people round here they mostly are anyway) but you really should aim for a healthy weight.

Hiya Craving, :D

Welcome to minimins, this website is fantastic for support.
I am on it nearly every day, you will make some fab diet buddies on here, I have, they are all special people & have the upmost respect for every one of the minimins gang, they bring you up when your feeling down, there are lots of CD counsellors on here if you need support.

Enjoy & good luck with CD, keep us posted.
I am on CD too re-starting for about the 3rd time...


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Hello hello and welcome to the boards!!!

How are you feeling? :)The first days are always the worst....I'm going to jump on my wagon in a min, since I've been a very bad me in the last few days (just had my 21st birthday) you want to come? We have nice beds and cool toilets....:D

Now, I have my Cambridge Diet Counsellor head on, I don't think you have them in Singapore do you? Do you just get it in the post or something?

Anyway...I was having a look at my BMI chart for you, at the moment you are classed as overweight....your BMI is 23.6, you're wanting to get to 85lbs which is really worrying for me as that takes your BMI 15.1, which is like supermodel size and is seriously underweight which is neither attractive or healthy.

The very very very very very minimum weight you should be going for is 105lbs that takes your BMI to 18.6 which is right at the bottom of the normal BMI for the Asian population...

I'm not saying this to spoil your goals or anything, it's just I'm worried that you'll take yourself somewhere where you can't maintain the weight and all your old problems with food will come back......it's not a nice place to be is it?

Just my advice, it's really up to you whether you take it or not...but you're welcome on my wagon anytime!!! :D

Minimins is the best place for distraction....come on here at every opportunity and the first few days will pass...it's easy after that! I'm back on the wagon today and it's not going to be fun but I'm not doing ANOTHER restart!!! aaaargh!!!

Hey Craving
This is my 2nd day today and so far so good - just a bit of a headache.

I've never done this before but my friends doing it and so far is losing a stone a month so thought I'd give it a go as I have had a few ups and downs and the weight loss could give me the mental boost I need right now.
I wish you lots of luck and remember I'm only on day 2 if you want to have a moan to me we can go through it together ... plus I have more to lose so will prob take me a little longer than you! :)
Take care

I'm getting back to the wagon before Nicole tells JT I'm not coming back for my mint choc ice cream and chilli crisps! lol!
Hi there

I am glad Coley has picked up on the weight you aspire to be because I have just worked out that 85lbs is only 6 stone. I was just going to ask how tall you are?

Good luck with managing your weight, but, please try to be sensible about it - it sounds as if you have had a tough few years but actually even at the weight you are now (9st 5lbs) doesn't sound terribly overweight at all (of course that depends on how tall you are, your build, etc).

Have you looked at doing some sort of counselling around positive body image - you may find that very helpful to you?

Wishing you all the very best of luck.
Welcome to MiniMins!

Hi cravingfor85.

I see from you post that you hope to be six stone weight and I was wondering why such a low weight?

I feel concerned as this will put you under weight and I was wondering where you aware of this?

I am 5' 4" and very, very small frame and I stayed mostly when I was young around 105lbs. to 112lbs. as this is where I was the happiest at.

So allowing for the inch difference in height I would think the lowest you should go would be around 100lbs.

I know myself how uncomfortable it feels to be overweight if you have always been slim as it is so depressing and causes a whole cycle of desperation to begin and we lose ourselves in the process.

Let us support you to get to your goal of 100lbs. and see how you feel when you get there. You never know you might find you are very happy with your weight and you might of also dealt with a few of your emotionally issues around food as well.

One of the things on the cambridge diet is that your body will be well nourished and it is important to take your three packs a day to remain in good health.

If you cut back on the packs you will dealy the weight loss as your body will go into starvation mode.

Over doing exercise is not recommended either.

Love Mini xxx
I'm going to have to echo what has already been said here, I'm afraid. Losing weight to take you down to 85lbs would be seriously underweight.

At 5'3" a healthy weight for your height would be between 8st (112lbs) and 10st (140lbs).

I took my weight down quite low when I was 19 and first did the diet (I've had kids since then) and frankly I looked ghastly, of course I didn't realise it at the time, but people told me that I looked like I came out of a concentration camp.

Please reconsider losing this much weight.

Its also only my 2nd day and as the other new starter said, so far so good im really looking forward to reaming the results.

Its a sad story that youve had such a hard time with your weight so far and Im probably saying the wrong thing but somebody once told me that you have to love yourself whatever you are, size, shape, looks etc etc and I felt that really hit home to me, I know were all here to lose the weight for one reason or another but seriously its NEVER worth making yourself ill over, or to me its not anyway, ive never really got on with diets yet always moaned about my weight, mainly the only reason Im losing weight is so I can have more choice in my clothes and not have a rubber ring around my belly in everything i wear...ha ha, BUT if I succeed and lose it then fantastic & if I dont .. then hey, its not the end of the world, I dont ever actually want to be the perfect weight for my height etc, never have been never will be, I prefer my look with a little extra I wouldnt suit to be that slim and I personally dont necessarily find that slim to be attractive, but like I say thats my personal opinion and everyones different but please make sure you listen to the proffessionals advice and dont go too far.. for your own sake,

Good Luck, were all here to support eachother,

Lizi x
Hey cravingfor85
Echo what the other have said, welcome,t eh support on here is unconditional, even if you haven't posted for a while, everyone is here for you.

Guys, maybe should be Kgs not Lbs.

Mel :D
I just have to echo all the comments above in saying please reconsider your target weight. 6 stone is very underweight at 5'3''. Remember everyone is here if you need to chat.

Take care.
hey all, thanks sooooo much for all the support, i don't think i've ever experienced anything quite like this before. I'm extremely touched right now cos I really wasnt expecting so many responses. I've always been the one who's there for others but I don't think I've ever relied on anyone before or told anyone (even my best friends), much about what I'm going through. Sometimes I feel resentful towards them cos I feel that they don't understand me or care enough to notice something's wrong, but then, I don't think it's fair to subject them to what I'm going through as well right.

Anyways, part of why I joined this forum in the first place was because, despite my great desire to be 85lbs, I knew it was unhealthy and was hoping that along the way here, I'd gradually change my mind. Well, I think I'd just get to 100lbs and see how I feel then. :)

We don't have cambridge counsellors from where I come from (Singapore) so it is going to be so much more difficult. :( Hope to receive loads of help from here, hence.
Oh sweetie. My heart goes out to you. I have few regrets about my past, but one of them is that I spent my teens, twenties, thirties, forties :eek: always being dissatified with my weight.

In my teens I wasn't even really overweight:confused: Just thought I was and was constantly dieting. Trying to aim for that goal that I was highly unlikely to get to. Failing...hating myself for being weak and then bingeing because I was a failure so I might as well go the whole way.

In hindsight, I wish I had spent more time just looking at the scenery instead....enjoying my youth and being proud of my body.

At your age, your body is probably at it's peak. You haven't got the wrinkles, the droopy breasts and bum :eek: You will be at your most beautiful, regardless of a few extra pounds. Enjoy the moment and if you lose a few pounds on the way, that's bonus.
I've got the droopy bum and boobs!! booo!! I'm 21. How does that work eh?? someone give me some surgery!!

How you getting on my dear?? Can I ask...are you asian? cause the BMI thing works differently for you...you get to be lower down to BMI 18.5 is healthy for asian people....smaller frames or something? must find out why.....:confused: