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just started


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Hi Sarah and welcome to WW. I too am allowed 22pts and am finding it hard to use the points up. I really want WW to work this time round for me. I am sick of the ever yo yo ing that is dieting for me. You'll get great advice on here and some of the ladies and gents are inspirational. :)


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hi, i also have done weight watchers b4 for only a month tho and lost half a stone but gave up dont no y, put loads more on since and really determined this time
hi sarah88 and :welcome: to the forums and WW! I am on 26 points a day and struggle to eat all of my points in fact I think this is probably the reason I did not lose weight last week! If you are struggling to eat points then use 'normal' not low fat versions of things e.g mayo and olive oil - this will bulk out your points!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!
Sharkbait1983 x
I know the feeling - I was in WW back in 2002 and lost 3.5 stone in 6 months. But roll on 8 years and I have put that on and more. So I am determined to lose it this time round - slowly and keep it off. As you can see I had a really crappy first weigh in. My own fault as I was on CS for 2 weeks and thought that I could kick start the loss this way but once you come off those meal replacements you pile the weight back on. Plus the headaches were mental on it. Still suffering slightly from them.
What day do you weigh in? I weigh in on a Friday morning.


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my first weigh in is on sunday and then every sunday
Hi sarah, i'm on 22pts a day and ive just started a food diary(i'm on day 1). Maybe you could try and do this it might help, and i also look at other food diaries for tips. Good luck!

Hi sarah.

I am doing WW alone at home too. I have 23 points. I am starting monday.

I have made a spread sheet to help me where i can put in what i have eaten and points and then it works out how many points i have left etc, and can save 4 points a day.
Also put my goals on there and my WI's. Makes it more clear for me.
I also go to gym so am hoping this will help! Got 4.5 stone to go!! but i prefer to think of it in 7lb goals.

Good luck!xx


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hi, i also made a chart for my self but just ordered the tracker off ebay for about £6 will save me on printing hope this will also have a better layout too, thanks sarah
I started this week on 22 points also! First weigh in tomorrow night. I'm also really struggling to eat my points but somewhat luckily I tend to eat out once at the weekend so I've found it easy to store the points then splash them on a meal out.

Probably not the healthiest way of doing it!!

I swear I'm going to sit down and plan, plan, plan for next week!

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