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  1. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Hi everyone,

    i am so glad that I found this site, it is truly inspirational! You are all so supportive and it's great to know that others are or have been experiencing the same journey.

    I have been very overweight for 25 years and have tried loads of diets but never did very well on any of them. Through a traumatic event in my 10 year relationship last week, I finally had a big kick up the butt and decided that I had had enough of being fat - of not being able to run, always sweating, having to really pull myself up off the sofa, being out of breath at the top of the stairs plus the threat of diabetes and all the other medical issues that obese people have.

    On Saturday I started on Lipotrim and so far it's going great. I have been hungry but not starving. I'm really surprised by this as I thought I would be constantly craving but it hasn't happened yet. My start weight was 18st 7lb. My first weigh in is Friday so fingers crossed. I would like to get to 11st. A long journey but well worth it.
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  3. DOK

    DOK Member

    Well done. It's hard to make the decision to start. I'm on Day 17. Don't feel hungry really at all, but still crave particular food. Will Power is a great thing! This site is great to get info from. Good luck.
  4. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    Well done Marjo!!!

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  5. FoxyMcB

    FoxyMcB Member

    Good for you Marjo! I think recognising your weight, being realistic, and making the decision to TRULY change is the tough part. Although this past week has been tough for me (today is day 8 - down 12 lbs), I'm personally so tired of failure and being FAT that I simply won't quit. I've experienced headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, nausea, shakiness, and generally feeling unwell - but apparently this is all attributed to my low blood sugar and shock to my chemistry. Plus, I was stupid enough to help build a pond over the weekend which nearly caused me to pass out. Exercise is sort of a priority for me, and having to 'take it easy' is difficult.

    I also have a long journey, but am pleased that my blood pressure is perfect and I have made this life-changing decision just in time! Good luck!
  6. DOK

    DOK Member

    Where did you get the energy to build a pond FoxyB? I've no energy at all cant even think of exercising!
  7. Marjo

    Marjo Member


    it's going to be a long journey but I'll get there one day, & it's great having all of you to travel there with. I'm surprised that I'm not craving for food, but am missing the action of eating, if that makes sense. I'm that used to sitting on sofa & stuffing whatever food is handy into my mouth that it feels strange not doing it.
  8. fattoflat

    fattoflat Member

    hi. id love some tips. nobody seems to want to answer me on previous posts lol
  9. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    Hey :)

    I can't find your earlier post so I'm not too sure what you'd like tips on but I'm assuming its the diet as a whole.
    Just try to drink at least 3 litres of water a day and for motivation I keep coming here and reading stories and also looking at inspirational pictures. You wouldn't believe how much it helps! Anytime I feel like I'm going to give in to temptation I just look at the pictures and just think one nibble of this or that isn't worth it. Just imagine in 6 weeks you could lose 2 and a half stones. How much are you aiming to lose?

    I wish you the best on this journey. I'm sure you'll have outstanding results.

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  10. fattoflat

    fattoflat Member

    thank you so much for your reply i was beginning to think i was invisible! (on other posts not this one)

    i have about 3 stones to lose and about to go to get my shakes in about 10 minutes. my mind is one big mush..do i go, dont i go but i know ive tried everything else and im desperate and very unhappy at the moment so need to do something drastic and this seems to fit the bill!
  11. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    You should definitely go!! It's so worth it and you'll lose 3 stones in no time.

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  12. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Hi Fatoflat,

    did you you end up going?

    I was very apprehensive about starting as I've failed miserably with every other weight loss venture I've tried, but I've been doing it a week now (first weigh in later today) and am finding it pretty painless. I thought I would be starving but I'm not, I've felt a bit hungry but I can cope with it. I thought it would be so hard but I'm really surprised & I can tell I've lost quite a bit.

    You do need to be in the right mind though I tried this years ago & lasted two days. As T1506 says there's plenty of inspiration on this site & you'll get plenty of support - from me & I'm sure from T1506.

    Good luck!
  13. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Just been to chemist & I've lost 10lb! Really chuffed
  14. DOK

    DOK Member

    10lb is unreal! You must be well chuffed.
  15. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Weigh in day today, another 7 & half pounds gone, really chuffed.
  16. LCH


    Hi Marjo that's brilliant very well done :eek:
  17. LCH


    Fattoflat are you still out there? Did you go to get your shakes? We are very similar in our starting weights and goal weights. Let me know how you are doing and we can support each other
  18. Defectio

    Defectio Member

    Well done mate that's brilliant! Keep it up
  19. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Thank you LCH
  20. Marjo

    Marjo Member

    Thank you Defectio
  21. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Well done on your weight loss Marjo. You really seem to be in the zone :)

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