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Just started...



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You'll get loads of great support on here, don't know how I would have managed the last 3 weeks without it! Good luck with your journey! The first few days are hard but you sound enthusiastic about it so that's half the battle!
Thanks! Am thinking that you lot will be my saviours! I am expecting the first few days to be hell, but keep imagining myself on holiday in September NOT hiding under a beach towel! x
Hi ellie.

I'm on day 6 today and I have to say without the support of the people on this website my journey so far would have been hell. Day 3 for me was hell, after then it got better.

stick to the diet and you will lose your weight!!
This forum has been a massive help to me, just to know people are going through the same thing. Good luck with your journey! x
Thanks all! I have almost got through day 1, so am hoping getting to day three will fly by! Have a headache and feel a but rubbish but am going to tidy out my airing cupboard and sort out all the clothes that are too small for me. (Practically everything I own right now!). And then go to bed to dream of size 12 jeans!!
I really appreciate your support xxx


always struggling
Hello EllieMellie, welcome to the site. You have done right in coming on here. I have struggled for quite a few weeks kept coming on here and with the support and reading how well everyone was doing is so inspirational.

You will get loads of support and you will need it. I am on day 4 and got a little headache but not as bad as it was on day 2 and 3!! But it passes and the hunger pangs will go and hopefully tomorrow I wont notice Im not eating ... Yehhhhhh

I look forward to you joining the path to a happy smiley time ahead :p
Thanks Cheska! You have done well to get to day 4 - am told it gets easier from there! Right now, I can hear the clatter of plates and cutlery in my neighbour's and it is driving me mad! Think I will have to blast the music out! x
this site is just fab if not a lil addictive ; ) I think it has really helped in my first few days on the diet. The more you read how successful people have been kinda drives you on .

And remember what ever the scales may say this week .....go with it and that figure will have gone by the following week. You can do it xxxxx
Thanks Jo! When I feel myself wavering I just go and stand naked in front of a mirror! (Unless I am in work, obviously..lol). There's a particular dress I bought that has never fitted and I have hung it in sight in my bedroom - that's my target dress! x


Carbs are Evil
Hey I started today also, just been drinking loads and loads of water to fill me up, good luck and hopefully we can both stick to it! x

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