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just starting out


i would love to offer some advise but only on day 2!! What gpt me through yesterday was, drinking lots of water, keeping my mind of the whole "OMG Im not eating food" thing, spending some time on here looking at the b4 and after pics!

I am sure someone more experienced will be along soon!


First Goal Under 20st!
hi i just finished week 1, my advice would be water water water (and knowledge of every toilet near by:D)

I also printed out load of "fat" pictures of me and my husband and stuck them all round the kitchen as well as doing a weight loss chart.

Hope some of this helps and good luck

Lea xx


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Welcome Vicky,

Good luck with your diet journey!

Get yourself a ticker to track your weight loss.

This tutorial will help you set one up.


Take some body measurements and photos of yourself now and write down a list of things you want to change or do and set yourself mini goals which are achievable in the near future and will keep you motivated.

If you need any help be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx


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Well hun,i wont lie-its hard work but you forget about not eating after your first weigh in lol and just watch the scales go down lol.
Just try to keep yourself busy,the first week my house had never been so spotless lol.Drink loadsa water,it takes away the hunger.And im sure in a few days you wont feel hungry,its just in your mind.
Whenever i feel peckish i have a pint of water anyways you will be too busy pee-ing to worry about food lol.
Good luck hun and keep us posted,everyone here is very helpful and keep looking at the slide show,it really helps seeing people who have reached their goal.Im not even half way through yet but the difference is amazing with me.And i feel FAB!!!!!



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Welcome! I agree that Water is the trick - but for me after the first few days the whole thing has just become the norm and the way I live my life so not found it too hard. Really look forward to my soup every evening as it feels like a meal!!!!

Finish my 4th week on Saturday and can't beleive how quickly the time has gone and how much difference it has already made to my life!

Good luck and keep us all posted.


on the up lol
Hi, I have just got my first weeks supply of liptrim and just wondered if anyone had any advice to get through the first week?
Welcome hun,
All i can say is take one day at a time ...
drink lots .......
After week 1 u should feel great, next days just become the norm, and it gets easyer :bliss::bliss::bliss:

Thanks for all the positive feedback, it makes me id more determined to do it. I have taken a week off work to get my head around it all. I have a party next weekend so that will be a test as I do like a drink or too! My son has never seen me thin so thats my incentive.
First week is difficult, but not dreadful. Day 2 or 3 probably the worse, you may feel tired, get more rest. If you develop headaches take some paracetamol. Once your in ketosis the hunger generally subsides that takes about 2 to 3 days. In the meantime drink lots of water, tea and coffee. Take each day as it comes, but soon all of it will be a routine and the weight will fall off.
Good luck.


Says it as it is!!!
Basically take it easy, water n lots of it ...toilet only 5 mins away at all times, early nights and pamper yourself...watch out for day 3 the hardest...but then you should be in keotosis.
NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT EAT ANYTHING!!!!!!! You may get hunger pangs, but they will pass drink more water!!!
If you eat its harder to stop eating xx Good luck and welcome xxx

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