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Just starting Wk2 and I feel so low


I'm new to this site today but hope someone can help me.

I had my first LL weigh in last night and despite losing 5.7lbs I feel so low. I found wk1 a real struggle, which I guess is no surprise really. But I didn't think I'd feel so down. I think it's the thought of so many weeks ahead of me.

At the meeting, all the group seemed to be on high and feeling so positive, whereas I can't seem to see past the deprivation. Why has food played such an important role in my life? But I even feel deprived of not being able to have a nice cup of tea.

I bought some water flavouring (which I think is REALLY expensive) as I found drinking the 4 litres was hard. And I have some of that Boullion drink.

Why am I feeling so miserable when I've taken the right steps towards losing weight?

Can anyone help me or cheer me up please?:wave_cry:


PS I am about 6 stone too heavy!!!!
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Thank you Dancing.

I really do hope so. I am trying so hard to be positive. I have a supportive family and friends but no one seems to be able to say the right thing.

I know I have to take a day at a time but every day is so long at the moment.

Hello! Sorry you're feeling so low. I've got about 6st to lose, too, and I'm just starting week 10. You're not alone in feeling down - some of my group have really struggled. There was a useful comment on our dvd for week 9, in which a woman who'd lost some huge amount said,"When I was dieting I thought of myself as deprived, but now I'm slim I see all the other things I was depriving myself of by being so big" (or words to that effect). I hope you'll feel more like that as you see the pounds fall off... Can you fill your time up with some other activities so you don't think about food so much? By the way, was it totally your decision to start LL, or are you doing it partly for someone else? I think it makes a huge difference to how we feel about doing this. I do hope you can stick with it and enjoy the benefits. Believe me, the weeks just fly by. Best of luck!
Hi there,
I've just started management having lost 6 stones and I can honestly say that it gets a lot easier as you keep on with it.

I found that by week 4 I was totally used to eating the packs and didn't feel deprived at all. It became much more of a habit and I got to look forward to my hot chocolate, and especially my bar.

It really is worth sticking to it. If you find yourself thinking about food and what you are missing, try changing your thoughts to choosing which pack you would really like to have next and focussing on being satisfied by it. I find this works best with a hot chocolate, it warms me up inside and makes me feel comforted.

Also, don't get focussed on 100 days, just think of the end result and imagine yourself at different stages of your journey on the way weighing less, and how you will look at each stage. Try to imagine people saying how great you look after losing a stone, then how great you look after losing 2 stones and so on. I used to do that and by the time I was imagining myself at goal I had lost the desire for food.

Best wishes
Thank you, all of you.

It helps to know that it does get better and more so that you've all lost weight.

I am a real chocoholic normally but I really didn't like the chocolate - even hot. It didn't mix up very well. And I use an electric wand blender/mixer thing for every shake & pack.

I have my bar in the evening, because this is the time I always have had the munchies.

The thing that is on my mind a lot is that nearly all social events involves eating & drinking, and I don't just mean alcohol. Like going for a coffee with a friend when I don't like black coffee and can hardly bear black tea. Therefore I think I won't be able to go out anywhere with anyone for months. I can't face people eating in front of me.

I cook for my family but then leave them to it. Even the sound of their cutlery hitting the plates is amplified!:sigh: I am a stay at home mum/wife and therefore not looking forward to the weekend when everyone is here......eating!

And then there's Christmas.......... double :sigh::sigh:

Let's hope tomorrow the sun will shine and I will feel more positive. I really do want to be slim (believe it or not). I was not persuaded to slim by anyone other than to encourage me each time I said I must start a diet. I am not happy being fat anymore!

Roll on week 14! Or even week 28! LOL!
Hello IWTBSBISH (phew - long name!!!)

In Foundation I found the most useful tactic was NOT to look ahead! I'm not sure I will ever forget Day 3. This was the day that I plotted out my 100 days and I could not believe how long it felt. It was overwhelming and utterly unbelievable that I could do this for that long.

Instead I chose to 'get the days under my belt' as it were, and focused on how far I'd come.
By the time I got to week 3 I was just getting on with it.
And then when I was half way through Foundation I started to look ahead, by this time I was excited about what lay ahead not terrified by the end date.

There are so many weird emotions going on at the start. I too really struggled with the deprivation - but it does pass, it really does! I could say so so so much about the joys of Foundation (and there are loads!), but dig deep into the archive here and you will find so much inspiration to keep you going, and so much advice and great tips to get you up and running.
Keep posting and keep going.
Dear IWantToBeSlimButItsSoHard

First things first...your online name! Think about what that is saying (to you) every time you sign yourself in! You're saying..."it's hard" before you've even started! I know that may sound tough but it's about strategies, all of which we need to get through! My online name - Mrs Lard - was based on my husband's joke (about us) running a pub, which would be called The Lard Arms. Two fat jolly hosts. But many people on here and on my blog say that the name is no longer appropriate and I tend to sign myself off as Mrs L. Just a thought that might help you...

Second, everyone here is right. The time really does pass. Fast. Incredible but true, particularly when you are feeling deprived. I suggest you read some blogs about the day to day nuts and bolts of Foundation. Ice Moose (who posts here) was a lifesaver because he told it (LighterLife Foundation) as it was. Day in and day out.

Third, think about why you chose LighterLife. What was it that made you think "this is it"? Maybe it's do with what you say in your post:

At the meeting, all the group seemed to be on high and feeling so positive, whereas I can't seem to see past the deprivation. Why has food played such an important role in my life? But I even feel deprived of not being able to have a nice cup of tea.
The LighterLife journey is ALL ABOUT discovering why and how food has played such an important (but not in a good way) part in our lives. And I promise, if you do the homework (yes!) and work through the Green book, you really will begin to understand how and why food has become a foe and not a friend in your life. And when you understand, you can start to make changes.

The journey isn't easy but, ironically, once you are in ketosis, you won't feel physically deprived. I LOVE tea (with milk) and wasn't prepared to have black tea. It just wasn't something I was prepared to do. So I switched to peppermint tea because black tea was worse than no tea!

I wrote a guide about how to cope in Foundation and I will find the link for you and post it in this thread.

I really wish you well; there are so many of us, here on Minis, who are proof that the diet does work AND is worth it, however hard it may seem at the time.

The other thing I want to promise you is that feelings come and go, they are never the same and static. You won't feel like this forever.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxxxx
I have the third week the hardest (guess which week I'm in!) because I felt really positive the first week, buoyed up by the weight loss my second week, and furious at having to cook for my family and a big family curry/chilli party next weekend all through this week!! It hasn't helped that my weight loss has been much much slower this week, but I am absolutely determined to get through. I have had to go to bed really early some nights, just to get away from the kitchen!!! Still, the extra sleep will probably do me good ... stick with it, this is both the hardest and easiest diet I have ever undertaken, but I know it will be worth it, and this stage doesn't last forever.

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