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Just Thought I'd Pop In...

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by weasey, 27 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    Hi guys. Some of you may recognise me from my previous visits to this forum. I reached goal just under 2 years ago on a combination of Lighter Life and Slim and Save. I lost over 9 stone and got to my goal weight of 10 stone. I struggled with maintenance. I think one problem with the diet is that it helps you to lose weight but doesn't teach you how to maintain weight. Over the 6 months or so after reaching goal I put on around 2 stone. For the last 18 months I've pretty much maintained that weight and today I am 12 stone 3 lbs. I don't want to be 10 stone (I was too thin at that weight) but I would like to be 11.5 stone (or perhaps 11 - not sure yet). I'm losing that weight through calorie control and exercise because it's only around 10 lbs and I now love my exercise so much that I wouldn't want to give it up (!!!!!).

    I just wanted to pop on and wish you all the best of luck and give you one true life tale of maintenance. Is maintenance hard? Yes. Does everyone put all of the weight back on again? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely!
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  3. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    Weasey how lovely to read an update from you! Fab that you have done the even hardest bit of maintaining and are doing well to shift the small amount you have to shift. I guess maintenance will have small gains here and there but it controlling them and not allowing them to spiral out of control we need to aim for - and Yup! I am still trying. x
  4. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Weasey! Nice to meet you! I am new here) It was interesting to read your post! You did a great job in losing your weight! I do agree that maintance is probably the hardest thing after(( all my life i do up and downs with my weight(( i am tired of it! I hope this will be my last time) I want to change life completely! Using different diets time to time in not an option( You need to change the lifestyle completely! that is what i am trying to do right now) may the force be with! good luck!

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