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Just thought...


Violet is shrinking
i would, i believe a read along is like a book group - we decide on a book and then all review it / discuss it online?


Violet is shrinking
Yep, thats exactly what it is...

At book group, for a few weeks we would post ideas on what we should read next, there would be a sort of poll to decided on what that book would be.
We would set a time limit to read the book, and have a bit of a ching wag about it at the end, and/or when reading it.

It could be a book that you have at home already, one that you're going to buy or a library book. genre has to be decided upon, it could be a classic, or something thats in the book charts at the moment, a debut author or an older title that we just never got round to reading or maybe a book from a series, outlander, roy grace, rizz and isles etc etc.

when we did challenges, there would be a specific genre, or a series. for eg..

i did a southern challenge. i had to read books that were set in southern states/ by a southern author. you can choose how many you wish to read and choose your own time scale to read them in. it's a good way to introduce new titles/ authors to other people...


Violet is shrinking
That was tried before and I think it only lasted one month :(

But Id be willing to retry :)
Oh dear, thats a real shame, it won't work unless there's a fair few of us on board...

maybe we could have some other type of bookish fun...
yeah, yeah count me in :)


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Count me in :) I've always wanted to be part of a book club thingy lol :D


Mens sana in corpore sano
I wouldn't mind joining...I love books and I don't read nearly as much as I'd like. I also tend to stay in one genre, so I'd love to get some rec's on other stuff I may not have necessary picked up before. Sounds like fun!

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