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just to say hellooo!

:) hi .. my name is sharon.. i have been looking at the lipotrim diet for a few weeks now .. read all i can and been preparing myself to have a go .... i started today..:eek: and been pleasantly surprised at how nice everything tasted so far ... thought they were going to be awful.. (ok ok i know i will probably by the end of this be saying different! lol..) but it gave me a positive feel for everything...
i need to lose 3 stone .. i am 13 now and want to be 10.. i am 5ft 4 .. medium build ..i dont want to be skinny just a bit smaller i actually like a bit of padding... always a size 10 12 in my youth till bout 30 then you could say i have put a stone a decade on since then...! i have not got a bad body image my weight is all in proportion and i suppose i dont think about it till i have to buy new clothes (hate clothes shoppin.. ) and hols...(hate hol photos!) and when people thinks its perfectly ok to be rude about your weight !! (dont ya just love em!) .. but i know i am overweight .. i know i would look so much better and feel better slimmer .. and the thing that made me wake up and smell that coffee properly.... my daughter is getting married and i want to look nice ! and so here i go... i hope to be ok on it but who knows .. i have never yo yo dieted ... just the one YO...!:D... so hopefully if i can do this i will also be able to keep it off ... but one step at a time ... so day one ladies and gents ... i am joining your club!!....
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Hey Shaz well come on board!! you will do wicked and that 3 stone will fly off! I am a long time server currently at 4 and half months! and still going!! just remember post as much as you want xx

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hey shaz

You have come to the right place, this is site is brilliant for support, morale and keeping you positive everyone is really friendly and guenine. I only on day 2 but all the advice i been given has been amazing allow me to share....... Water water water and more water that is the trick, when hungry ( only 1st few days), when bored, when emotional, or anything you can think of drink loads of water.

I even try and mix it up a bit and have, peppermint or nettle tea, that way you dont feel like your drinking water LOL x

Also, if you have the choc shake as hot choc make it with peppermint tea or a drop of pure orange extract for some 'normal' flavours

I also got a wedding coming up which has kick my a** to doing something about the podgyness of moi!

I can be tough for the 1st few days, but just remeber and take it shake by shake

Good Luck Im sure you'll do amazing keep up posted on how you doing x

sammie x
Hi Sharon, glad your coming for the ride with us, we will do it together cos I want to lose 3 more stone, good luck the results speak for themselves.
Their are a few dodgy people on here but im ok, I will look after you;)x


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Welcome on board...you are in the right place for help and support. That 3 stone will be gone in no time.......dont forget to keep us up to scratch with your progress


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Hi shaz, and welcome, sounds like you're in the right frame of mind for this diet, and it's true that the weight just falls off, so when it comes to your daughters wedding you're going to look absolutely stunning. Getting through the first week is, I think, the main hurdle, and once you've done that it will all fall into place and should be quite easy, good luck and best wishes. x
Hi Shaz and gang,
I'm a newbie too. I'm starting lipo om Sunday.Need a couple of more binge days don't ya know!!!!!!!!! This site is so encouraging I cant wait 2 start ,I'm dreading the first week but I have 2 do this I'm 33 17st and am so fed up of being huge, it's killing me. I love how upbeat this site is so lipotrim sites are a bit depressing. Shaz I'm the opposite to you im the ultimate yoyo dieter. Ww, atkins,2 apples a day, white food only, red food only, I've done them all and failed. I mind kids and they are lethal. This xmas one kid said Shell your fatter than santa!I jig was up and its taken me thid long 2 decided to do something about it. I need to suceed..well thats me introduced hope its ok to join in!
:)... thanks all for your fab welcomes!... i will take every bit of advice thrown at me and the hints and tips will be taken on board too ... i think just being able to come on here and read what people are doing helps to keep "focused "..(sorry to use the much over used word) ... but its true... thanks to fattothin .. for saying he will look after me ...ahh thats nice ... and yeah we have the same ammount to lose so that will keep me motivated in a if you can i can sort of way... i will try to sort out how all these fancy bits on your posts work.. i tried to upload a now ish photo.. but .. eek! it said it was too big!:rolleyes:.. ha ha that was a good start ... need to look again to see how to make smaller to send.. ok..
well day one nearly over for me anyway never eat much at night so shouldnt be a problem re habit.. but although i have found everything ok today with the diet .. i can feel a little hugreyness coming on ..so yep water i know .. and probably bed .. will be ok tommorz.. bye for now ... sharon.x


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Good luck Shaz glad your doing well on first day! Drink drink drink girl xxx


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Welcome Shaz....this is a great site for the support you will need......best of luck with your journey....


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Hello and welcome. From one Sharon to another.......YOU CAN DO IT.

The three stones will melt off you very quickly hun.

Good luck.

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