Just to say Hi!


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Just wanted to say Hello to all fellow WW's i have today joined a class after following a VLCD for 6 months and losing 6 stone. I still need to lose about 2 stone and hoping to do it with WW. I have been struggling for about 3-4 weeks to get back onto CD but have failed every time and feel so guilty it just pushed to me to eat so i though no more i need to something positive and feel like this is the next stage on my journey. Not sure whether or not i shall lose in the first couple of weeks so shall keep you posted. Any advice would be great. Have any of you guys gone onto ww sraight from a VLCD?

Hope to speak to you all soon and look forward to getting to know you all.

Lots of love Busy XX
Hi Busy!
Good luck with your next stage of your journey! I can identify with you so much with yor decision to start WW.
I'm finding it very slow but that is ok. I'm a bit sad that i put on 1/2 this week but I know why. I've been very down and really should be pleased as I think I could have done much more damage.
I love those banoffe bars. They seem so naughty when you eat them and only 1 point. If I had a binge and ate the whole box that would be 5 points and not the end of the world. If I ate 5 chocolate bars I would be in big trouble! No more treat points for that week at least!
We'll keep each other going!