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just want to say .. . .

:thankyou: Thanks to everyone, ye have really made me feel welcome and helped me through my first week on SW :grouphugg:

I'm doing Sw at home though i joined online and got the book, and while i find the website ok i know i could not do this without all of ye, your valuable advice and encouragement, :talk017:

So just to tell you a bit about myself

I'm 38 married with 2 kids, i work in a family business and love every min of it,

The heaviest i ever remember being is 13st 13lb about 5 years ago, the lightest i've ever been is 10st 7lb which is where i want to get to now :whacky068:

I did lipotrim last year and found it fantastic to lose fast but needless to say when i came off it i didnt watch what i was eating and went back to take aways and breakfast rolls :eek:

i made some good friends on the lipotrim forum and i tried to go back on it after christmas, when that didnt work i tried ww which i have done before but i coulnt stick to the points this time, :eek:

so i looked up sw on here and found all your posts and stories fantastic

so here i am :banana dancer:
tommor is my first wi, and i know it wont be that good because i was out at the weekend but :cross:

but i just wanted to say thank you :D
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Nice to see you here, how are you finding the sw plan compared to others? I find this plan the easiest to stick to, although I keep falling off the wagon and coming back!
hi ya, im finding it fantastic, loving the freedom of EE, cant beleive how much i can eat, :) which one are you following?


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I'm doing red and green, mainly green days though. I'm not a big meat fan but occasionally I fancy a steak or curried mackerel on toast!
i'm starving this morning dont know why allready ate 2 plums and a banana trying to hold out till 9 or after for my cooked breakfast :)
Hey hun !

I am doing it at home too ! I did it last year and lost 2 stone but then I ended up working away for the last 6 months and lost my way.

I love SW and it works - really does ! I was really sceptical at the beginning but once you see the results you will be chuffed !!

Ps - dont be hungry - If your body tells u its hungry then eat. Little and often is better than waiting till your starving and then potentially overeating.

Lots of luck with your WI.

A xxxx
Hi there and good luck for your first week weigh in!
Dont go hungry waiting for your next meal, have another piece of fruit or something to keep you going.
Good luck for your first WI- I am an on-line girly too. (We get to WI nakey, which is always fun!)

CP we do 'naked weigh-in' at our class - I thought that was the norm????!!!! ;)
Unfortunately no buff men at our class!!! xx
I am also doing it at home alone. I agree 100% that this site is fantastic. I am soooooooooo glad that I found it. So informative and friendly. Really need alot of support and motivation and sometimes advice so I find this site perfect for me.
Good luck with the WI!

I am new here as well and so far love this site! I am starting SW at home from monday and am really looking forward to it, I feel so bloated and fat at the moment, just want to get healthy for summer.

I lost 3 stone last year with SW but put it all back on, except 12lb's! I really hope Extra Easy works as I think it would suit me better. I did green and red last time but had some problems which lead to me losing my focus - I am a bit fussy with meat so could never fill up on red days. On green my stomach couldn't cope with quorn and every time I ate it I was violently ill. I seemed to end up on jacket potatoes all the time and got fed up of being able to have unlimited rice and pasta but with no meaty substance to go with it.

Am going to give EE a try and really hope it works. I am not overly bothered by cheese or cereal so the loss of healthy extras shouldn't be a major problem.

Am starting monday, wish me luck and will start posting losses soon!
best of luck chloebelle :) look forward to chatting on here with u :)

thanks every1 will weigh early in morn,

fab day here cant wait to finish work and get out in air :)