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Just want to vent my frustration !!!!!!!!!!

Well I am on day 17 and yes I lost 6 lbs up until weigh in last Thursday (which was day 10) BUT since then on my scales (which are the same as the LL ones, they show the fat % etc) a big fat NOTHING !!! And yes I know it's showing in my clothes and how I feel and yes I know it won't come off fast like on LL and yes I know I am being irrational BUT I am sooooooooooo majorly hacked off ! And I have done it to the letter, no extras etc, I just needed to write it down because I feel like screaming !!! It feels like hard work and expense for nothing today and although I am sure it will catch up, it's not today and that's how I feel :sigh:, sorry to rant, am just wanting to get it out !!!!!!
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Weighing yourself at home = BAD BAD BAD! Stop it!

Scales don't always move and are not always accurate - you could have lost 2lbs, but drunk a lot of water before you weighed yourself and thus it seems like you haven't lost (that's just one thing that can affect what you 'weigh'), not to mention water retentions, natural fluctuations in weight that everyone has (everyone's weight fluctuates by up to 6lbs every day depending on the time of day, intake, amount you have pee'd etc.)

And, also, as I found out last week, sometimes you will stay the same weight - that's not to say you haven't lost any fat, but other things in your body compensate and you don't see the loss.

Best bet is just to know that if you have stuck with it 100%, you WILL have lost bodyfat even if that isn't reflected in the scales when you hop on them.

Weighing yourself at home will drive you crazy.
Stick to once a week at your meeting.
Thanks for your reply. Had my weigh in and as I suspected a big fat zero weight loss. I am going to persevere and hope it catches up in the next week, is pretty soul destroying though...


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
My dear.. Please don't despair: we had a lady in our Lite class who stayed the same TWO weeks in a row (after doing it 7 weeks), then on the following WI she lost 4 lbs. She was actually suffering a bit from constipation and had started taking Psyllium Husk to make her more 'regular'. Personally I lose about 1-2 lbs per week, and I know I'm retaining water like crazy, I'm soo bloated, and started taking the Husk supplement today.. hoping it will help me too.
It is worth it, like you said you can feel the difference in your clothes and body. The numbers on the scale honestly aren't everything, other factors come into it also. You may be losing INCHES rather than weight - which can so easily fluctuate.
Someone on this board actually measured how much water weighs, you'd be surprised! 2 litres apparently weighed 4lbs 9! Imagine if you're retaining even 1 litre, that's already 2lbs extra.

So calm - blue - ocean. Breathe. Keep going. The road ahead may be a little bumpy, but it will get you to your destination.

Thank you Pete and Minerva, wise words from both of you that are very much appreciated. After weigh in which was a no loss, today, on my scales (which I am going by) have now got down to 10 st 31/2 pounds so am not despairing anymore !!! So less than 3 weeks and 10 and a half pounds gone, am happy with that !
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Week 1 of RTM & STM

Hi all - just want to say I agree about only getting on scales at your meeting. I stayed the same in week 4 & week 8 but last the week's after. I really beat myself before the meeting when I got on my own scales and appeared to have gained! It was down to constipation but I felt totally cheated after all myhard work. I wont even eat a polo as its not on program!;)
Now I've lost 22lbs,in 9 weeks; gone from a size 18 to a 12 & feel terrific!
Just coming to the end of my first week on RTM and am thrilled to be eating fruit and yogurt again. Cant wait till I get to have 2 meals next week.

Keep up the good work - you can do it!

Ruthie xxx

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