Just wanted to say a big thank you!


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Just wanted to say thanks for all the PM's, emails and messages of support for my forthcoming operation.
I can't believe it'll be my 30th GA!
Maybe they'll bring me a glass of champers
afterwards instead of a cup of tea!

Your all a fab bunch.​

((((Cyber hugs to you all))))

Kamilla xx
30th GA!! :eek: <gulp!>

You're sent so many kind regards and good wishes because, like the proverbial Loreal girl .... you're worth it! xx
{{{Big Hugz}}} to you Sweetie....you're such a nice person that I'm not surprised you've had so many well wishes! Aaaaarrghh! :D

Just wanted to send you all the best for your op and I hope everything is okay.

Hopefully your D/H will get you that champers eh?:D
Oh sweetie - soz I haven't been around much - hope everything goes well for you and that you bounce back like a little bouncy thing!!!!
Thanks Isobel & Mrs Depp,

Isobel.....have a fab time this weekend!

Mrs Depp.....great to see you here...mmm champers oh I do love a glass (well a bottle) of pink champers!

Kamilla xx
OOOOooooh!! Pink Champagne - my absolutely favourite tipple!!! :D