Just Wanted To Say Hiiiiiiii!!!


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Hiya ive been on this forum before but since going through a crappy few months i decided to give myself a break from extra stress BUT have decided on New Year's Day im starting slimming world! I can't wait, ive done it before a few years ago and lost 3 and a half stone but have a lot more to loose this time around. I'm a single mum with a son who is 9 months so im hoping to reach my goal by his 2nd birthday :) I ust want to feel happy in myself for once and enjoy life with my gorgeous son!!

Anyway hiiiiii and hope everyone is looking forward to xmas!!!!
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:welcome2: to the forum! SW is an excellent diet and they have a new plan out on 29th Jan which is really really easy and a lot more flexible than the usual red/green days. You will always receive lots of support on here, no matter what your question or query.


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Hi and welcome. I have only been doing SW a week but love it so much. Good luck with your journey

Mrs V

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Welcome back to SW and to the MM forum!
SW is such an easy plan to follow, that your Son can eat virtually the same things as you too (fruit, veggie sticks and a lot of the recipes minus salt!). The people on here are very helpful and the advice and support is here, just stay in touch regularly!
Have a fantstic Christmas with Little one - I have a 3 year old who has just gone to see Father Christmas and is soooo excited!
I look forward to your input in the New Year!



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Welcome back, get xmas out the way then you will be able to focus and as Spaceangel said the new plan will hopefully help. xxx


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Thanks everyone! & Mrs V, that is one of the things that is gonna make this easier, as Ryan (my son) Can eat exactly what i have! I really cant wait for the new year so i can start loosing weight! I hate the way i look and really want to be able to feel confident in myself so i can pass that confidence onto my son, Have a lovely xmas everyone! x


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hey and welcome back hun! good luck with the diet in the new year xxx