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  1. Ria C

    Ria C Full Member


    I usually only post only here when Im feeling down about being on CD, but today Im feeling mega positive..

    Thursday was the best day on CD as I was sat at work minding my own business when a girl who Ive never spoken to before came up to me and said "me and my friend were just talking and think you look amazing, whats your secret?" I told her about CD. This was a massive boost as I felt no-one else could see my losses.

    When the girl left my desk I turned back to my computer and I had an email from one of the girls in the office saying...Ive just seen you walk past me and you look 'Super slim and your waist in TINY'..she did CD for about a week a few months ago and said that seeing me has made her 'really determined to start again!'

    THEN (!) I saw another girl on the way to the loo (TMI!) and she said 'gosh you look younger and younger each day!'

    Needless to say I was on the BIGGEST high when I got home..

    Before Id had a chance to tell my hubby about it he commented that I looked just like I did when we got married (that was 10 yrs ago and i was VERY slim then!)

    Sorry if this sounds like Im blowing my own trumpet..i just wanted to share it with you all, as its only cos you guys have helped when I was ready to give up that Im where I am now...

    Please share your compliments that youve recieved and any high moments....

    Ria xxx :superwoman:
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  3. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hey Ria,
    Well done you!! You obviously look great thats why everyone is telling you! You have done really well and deserve all the compliments.. You are not blowing your own trumpet your just feeling good and confident and thats what cd does for you.
    Well done and keep smiling your doing fab xx
  4. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Hi Ria, you must have felt amazing, it must be good to know that others can see what you've achieved. Well done!
  5. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    That's great Ria-it must feel fantastic to get so many compliments! My husband is constantly telling me how well I'm doing and my daughter's boyfriend's jaw dropped when he last saw me! It's great to post when you're feeling fantastic-it helps other people to realise the good side about the diet and not just the hard bits.

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