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Just wondering really- calorie counting?

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Well this is just a general wonder really,I follow the SW program I would say 100% synes healthy extra etc.....but how come calorie counting isn't more popular-surly the less we eat the more weight we lose.....but then its know that if you don't eat enough then your body starts to store as it goes into starvation mode yea...keep with me Im getting to the point! well how come on the cambridge diet,lighter life-that kinder diet it doesnt work like that...as on those diets your very calorie restricted and lose lots? Just don't get how it works really,do we really store if we don't eat enough or just myth?:p x x
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I have absolutely no idea!! Quite frankly though, I don't really care either!!
All I know is this, SW works. I don't question it. I know there are things I can do with SW to boost my losses, I know what I can and can't eat. That's quite enough for me :)

I'm sure someone will be along with a better, more technical answer though.


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SW has been scientifically tested and works.
Obviously to lose weight you need to eat less calories than you burn but SW has worked it out that you don't need to count and measure.
A lot of the very low calorie diets work but the minute you start eating relatively normal meals and up those calories the weight comes back.
The thing is not to wonder how SW works, it really does if you follow the plan.
Just forget calorie counting and concentrate on the SW, follow the plan 100% and not only will you lose, you make it an eating plan for life.
Good luck!


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I certainly don't question SW just don't get how the very low calorie diets work....x
Someone else asked this a few days ago and I gave an answer. I'll see if I can find the link :)

Personally, I like to know how it all works across the various diets, so have done mucho research to check it all out. I'm always very curious about things I'm doing and why I'm doing them...and how they effect me. It's helped me get the best from my plans, and through maintenance.

We're all different though :) I'll find the link...back in a mo.
That link was great...just what I was thinking as the lower calorie diets just wouldn't work! make sense... I'm sticking to SW as it good and safe x x
The other way around too - if your metabolism adjusts to the quantities you are eating, then how come we put on so much weight when we overeat??? Wouldn't it be great if we just burnt off everything surplus to requirements (a girl can dream, hey?)

I think the best thing is to followed the tried and tested routes...


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The other way around too - if your metabolism adjusts to the quantities you are eating, then how come we put on so much weight when we overeat???
Yes, the metabolism will go up, but just like it goes down and stops, it'll go up and stop....to your body setpoint. It stays there for a while, but you can push it up further and further. Some people's just stop and they can appear to eat without putting on weight. It's in the genetic hormones which control hunger, cravings, body setpoint etc.

So, if you are 10st and you require 2000kcals, then eat more and just the fact that you are eating will raise your metabolism a little. That doesn't mean the more times you eat the more you burn BTW...just how much you eat.

But you eat faster than the metabolism raises (especially in ladies) and hey presto, you are up to 10st 7lbs.

Now your body needs more kcals to maintain. Your metabolism goes up, but we eat more than the new maintenance calories and gain.

So on and so forth. It's fascinating really how it works. Annoying too :D

I think the best thing is to followed the tried and tested routes...
Best way, but I have to say since the question was about how VLCDs such as Cambridge work, that Cambridge is probably the most researched diet in the world.

But I'm not here to defend nor promote Cambridge. Wouldn't dream of it, just making sure no misinformation or misunderstandings spread around as a 'Super Moderator';)

Stick with SW. I've done it many times in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it :) Besides, I know that SWers generally don't like talk of calories on their forum, so hopefully all questions answered sufficiently :)
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Very low calorie diets make you loose muscle. Muscle is the last thing you want to loose! It increases your basic metabolic rate, and makes you 'skinny fat'.


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Very low calorie diets make you loose muscle.
No that's not true. It depends on the levels of protein, and that's the same with any diet.

A question was asked, and hopefully I've answered it, so I'm going to close this thread because I can see it going the wrong way.

People could end up knocking my (and others on minimins) choice of diet and it will be hard not to come on and defend it.

This forum is for support, not to argue the merits of one against another with people coming out with statements that are untrue to justify why they are doing the diet that works for them.

The most important thing is that we find a diet that works for us. A diet we can do. Be it Cambridge, or Weight Watchers or Slimming World, it doesn't matter, as long as it's safe and I believe that if followed correctly they are all safe.

I wish you well on your Slimming World journeys:)

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