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Just wondering

it would be possible yes, as you would be having far less calories that you normally would.

but there is no point. you should either do all or nothing or you might as well do slimfast. Lipotrim is Total Food Replacement and should be treated as such.

maybe slimfast would work for you, or perhaps cambridge diet? as they have a plan that involves food too.

good luck hun xx
If you were careful with the calories in your meals you probably would but if you had carbs in your meals you'd no longer be in ketosis and then your weight loss would be much slower. I'm struggling at the moment and keep telling myself the food will still be there when the weight is gone. I tried adapting a meal replacement programme in the past and gradually added more and more until I stopped losing and then ended up putting weight back on, for me it was a slippery slope. You might be more disiplined than me though.
To do this you go on the maintenance programme with liportim, The total calorific content of two shales is just over 500 cals.. but they contain carbs so do not work on ketosis premise but on low calorie weight loss... to lose weight this way you must stick to the two shakes, have either lunch or dinner of an extremely low calorie meal such as steamed fish. chicken veg etc. not snack etc. As other posters have said if you are going to eat then perhaps slimming world , weightwatchers etc might suit as the weight loss using the mainteneance sachets is as slow as any of these other plans, averaging between one and 2 lbs per week x
Try the maintenance program its 2 shakes 1 meal but the shakes are different from the ones that are on the tfr program. They wud usually advice this if you have less to lose. Ask your pharmacy they wanted me to do it wen i was still starving after 3 weeks i said no coz i tink tfr is easier because there is no temptation.

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