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Just wondering.....

Can anyone give me some advice please? When I am at work it is really tricky to make shakes so I tend to have a chicken soup around lunchtime.By the time I get home it is around eightish before I can get my next "meal" so I double up with two sachets. My weight loss this far has been unspectacular and I wondered if this had anything to do with it. All thoughts and comments gratefully received xx.:confused:
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i doubt it would make any difference, it does tend to be that the more you have to loose in total the more you loose on a weekly bases.You don't have your stats up so its hard to tell, but maybe thats it ?? Make sure you are drinking lots of water, the more you drink the more you shrink!!. Protein shakers are very good for mixing your shakes at work as they have a grid in the top to get rid of the lumps you can get one for about £3 in most chemists or even in the supermarket.
Thanks ElectricLilac, I have about two and a half stone to lose so I guess it's not a huge amount!! Haven't put my stats up because I am ashamed of them xx The work thing is more about the attitude of my co workers, say no more, soup looks like a cup of soup and doesn't get comments xx


Like a Renegade Master
S: 18st8lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 7st3lb(38.85%)
I know when you are unhappy with your body / weight no body can tell you otherwise but 2 and a half stone is nothing to be ashamed of really it isn't. You are right its not a huge amount in the great big scheme of things so that is more than likely why you are loosing weight a little slower than some people on here. Don't worry though all the little losses soon add up to big ones !! personally i told all my family, friends and colleagues that i was on the diet as it was a bit obvious and they have in the most part been really supportive, but if you don't feel like you can you get yourself a generic shaker, Could you not tell people they are protein shakes ?? Anyway i have rambled enough, trust me i know its not easy but you can do it and learn to not be ashamed anymore x
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I agree with the shaker (costs £7.50 in most chemists in N Ireland) and you could get flapjacks, which are quite transportable though most people hate them.

I'm also personally splitting my meals up, rather than having just the two that men normally get - I'm led to believe this may keep your metabolism more active and result in weight loss.
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Shakers are a gift to the lipotrim diet! I do not know what I would do without them! If you're worried about doubling up being the reason then just try a couple of days having 3 shakes a day without doubling up and see if there's any improvement? You could perhaps have one before work, soup at work and then a shake in the evening. But as ElectricLilac points out, it may just be that it is coming off slower because you have less to lose. Do you mind me asking what your losses are? Stick at it and you'll do great :) xxx
S: 12st3lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 19.6 Loss: 3st4lb(26.9%)
Definitely keep at it because it does work! You are still 8lbs lighter than 2 weeks ago! Which is brilliant! Well done :) On any other diet that would have taken you around 4weeks on average. So it's worthwhile! See how it goes having 3 shakes a day (if you can) and see if theres any difference. Everyone responds differently to it differently I guess. Also drink drink drink that water! The more water the more loss! Xxxxx
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i dont think you can count the water in tea and coffee because of the caffine, dont know why i read it somewhere though xx


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Emma-Jayne I lost 5lb in week 1 and 3lb in week 2 x see what I mean? Will keep at it and hope for the best xx
I'll echo what others have said - considering your starting weight, that's a VERY respectable loss and don't be thinking anything different! :D When I started, I'd not seen this forum and others' losses to compare with, so I was well chuffed with what I'd done and so should you be... Actually - you've almost a quater of your goal done just in a fortnight - how brilliant!

By Christmas you'll be heading off to parties in slinky little numbers you wouldn't have dared to wear normally... ;)

As for the water consumption, as far as Lipotrim are concerned, tea and coffee count towards the couple of litres a day you should be aiming for. However much caffeine you were used to having before, you can keep on as you were, to avoid the de-tox headaches. If you still want extra teas or coffees after that, then you can always have de-caf...

Good luck and I hope you stick at it, as I'll bet you'll be seeing real, physical results in just another week or two. The high you get from that will be worth any amount of funny comments from people at work.
Marianne x


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Another echo here Izzy's mum, your weight losses are fine so far and in proportion with what you want to lose overall. Like you I have about 2 stone-ish to lose; I have just done 1st weigh-in and lost 6 lb -was thrilled! Lipotrim aims to deliver average loss of 1 stone a month so it all evens out. First week weight loss is greatest due to depleting glycogen stores then it's less but should add up to about a stone a month overall.
Stay positive, here comes your new wardrobe :D!
Thanks guys, will stick at it,your support and encouragement really helps x ha ha Trimlee, I am really looking forward to the new clothes, I spend ages looking at on line sites planning my new non chunky look he he !! xx

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