Just wondering????????


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First of all, started sw in Sept (doing from home - alone) lost 1.1/2 stone so far. Gonna start again mon (due to going xmas and going out this weekend)
But i was thinking....... I want to lose AT LEAST another 1.1/2 stone but you read in magazine etc etc that anyone wanting to lose 3 stone or more should take doctors advise first!??? have any of you lot done this?? xxx:sigh:
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Nah!!! I'm sure this is just because they'll think you need support with that much to lose. But since you're doing so amazingly well on your own, I'd just keep at it. Well done you!


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I never went to see my doctor before I went to SW and I lost 3 stone in total. In fact, due to high blood pressure it probably would have been good if the doc had told me to lose weight, I may have done something sooner.....(maybe not though!)

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My Dr always hints that a diet would be good for me and praises my losses whenever I visit him for my repeat prescription of the pill!
Ive had a gastric band fitted, but I didnt consult with him first, when I saw him last, he asked loads of questions as he was interested and thought that it was great that I was serious about weight loss!...my Dr's fab! Lol
I havent seen him about the SW plan either..I know that I need to loose weight.


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I think you only need to take a Dr's advice if you are about to enter into a new exercise regime, so they can check for any heart problems. Or if you are doing a VLCD because it is so strict. SW is fine and a very good way to lose weight because it's at the recommended 1-2lbs a week.


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I don't think you need to see your GP (you'll probably only catch flu in the waiting room anyway!) If you're on BP meds then if you start getting dizzy when you stand up you might need them reducing, but you're doing his/her job for him/her. If you're nervous I would see the practice nurse, they are more clued up.


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I think you would only need to see a gp if you had a pre-existing medical condition that would be affected by dieting....eg diabetes, heart probs etc......but seeing as its a healthy diet with the emphasis on losing slowly and gradually over a long time then I wouldn't have thought it was necessary.......a vlcd would be a different story as its so extreme on your body.....

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Ive never been to see a doctor for any diet program ive started and i have about 3 stone to lose so im sure u will be fine xx