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Kaiku's Slim-Fast Post Thingie, of awesome.


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I’m Kaiku! I’m 25 from Belfast N.Ireland. I moved to Scotland when I was 16 for 8 years. During that time I lived in Dumfries, Aberdeen and Edinburgh but as of 4 months ago I now live in Reading (in England). I don’t actually like moving I just seem to do it a lot!

I’m a big geek, I love my video games, anime, manga, sci-fi and zombies (got to love the zombies). I like sewing too, though I haven’t done any in awhile. I used to also love belly dancing, again another thing I haven’t done in awhile. I am hoping to start a sewing class and a belly dancing class at the end of the summer.

I also love going to the gym! I recently joined again a month ago, it’s great! I wish I could go more often but I promised my BF I would only go when he wasn’t waiting for me at home (like when he was at work) and I have a job too. Speaking of which I work in a super-market, I’m rather sad in the fact that I actually like my job. I’m currently training up and hope to one day be a store Manager! Lol, maybe not but at least a few more ranks up would be nice :)

So a little about my weight, well Slim-fast will be no less than the 3rd diet I have started this year alone! I did some All About w8 and some WWPP before joining the gym. I just ate normally for 3 weeks at the gym and noticed I had lost nothing... in fact at one point I’d gained 2lbs! However I had lost a good few inches, confused? I am. So I decided before going back home to visit my family for a week that when I came back I would try Slim-Fast.

Slim-Fast seems like the best diet to fit in with my current lifestyle, which can be a bit crazy at times. My shifts are work can change daily and can be between 7:30am to 9pm. So it’s hard to know if I’ll be needing to take in a breakfast, lunch or dinner! There was also the problem with the gym, I just didn’t know what I should be eating when I went. I found myself thinking “oh, maybe I shouldn’t eat breakfast/lunch, I’m just about to go to the gym”, which isn’t healthy at all! So I needed a plan I could follow even if my day goes a totally different way than planned.

I can buy pre-made shakes at loads of shops near my work. 100 kcal snacks are easy to find anywhere and I get to have my all important evening meal with my BF. Sometimes we don’t see each other for about 12+ hours a day, it’s kind of our thing to enjoy a nice meal together in the evening.

Well it’s nice to meet you all and hopefully I can look back on this post in a few months and think, “Yay I’m not fat anymore!”.

Remember Kaiku, you are doing this because you want to be a size 14!
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Day 1

Well slightly before day 1, which was about Saturday/Sunday, my BF decided he would like to do the SF plan with me! This makes me happy because it means he finally approves of a diet I want to do. I feel good starting this diet now that I have his backing and more! So we set out and got a bunch of shakes and snacks to have on the plan together. We have always been good with evening meals and there is much we need to change there, portions are already small I just need to add a bit more veg to our plates.

So today I had;
Cafe Latte Shake
Babybel and an apple (small pink lady, nom nom)
Sausage, mash veg and gravy
Cafe Latte Shake
SF chocolate snack bar

In that order! It won’t be often that we have dinner for lunch it’s just today he had the day off and I didn’t start work till 5. It seemed like the best idea.

So I’m loving the Cafe Latte shakes, they are really yummie in the morning! I just bought another 30 shakes from Tescos to be delivered tomorrow night... getting a little carried away? Maybe! But I can’t help it I’m just so excited for this diet.

Today has been a good day, I didn’t feel like breaking the plan even though I have been and still am pretty hungry! I shall wear my hunger like a badge of honour! Bring on tomorrow!

Oh, and my BF had a good day on the plan too.
Hello there! Good luck with your SF plan.

My sons love anime/manga, particularly my younger son. Yes they are both expert gamers, too! I work London Expo most times as volunteer steward so I see a lot of cosplay etc.

I did SF in the past but whilst I did lose some weight on it I found that the high sugar content, over time, made me hungrier. Carbs set me off!


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I was a bit worried about the amount of sugar in the shakes to be honest, but thought I'd give it a go. I have been feeling hungry but I'll see how it goes :)

Ive been to area expos but I'm not really a fan on expos. I like my anime cons more. Hehe just think I may have been one of the people you stop sitting around the floor lol.

What age are you sons?


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Day 2

Today I was woke up with a pain in the left side of my bladder at 5am :( it got so sore I rang NHS Direct to see what they thought. They thought it might be an infection but a trip to the walk-in centre and a test said it wasn't. So he poked me alittle around the tummy, and even though it still hurt he just said to leave it and see if it goes away... great advice... ignore it and hopefully it'll go away. It's still not gone away, but it doesn't seem to be getting worse.

The diet went great again today I had;

Cafe latte
Cafe latte
Apple and babybel
Slimfast chocolate bar

I wasn't as hungry today, but I was pretty busy at work. Hopefully day 3 will go well too :D we're going to the cinema though...


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Oh I weighted myself this morning too 180lbs :( so i've gained some weight from being on holiday. Sad times.

I won't even be able to go back to the gym till thursday! >.<


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Day 3

So today was yet enother good day! 3 good dieting days in a row? This is new to me! I think the fact my BF is following the plan too is helping ALOT. We saw Transformers 3 in the cinema today, and no cheating on the diet at all.

Today I had;

Chocolate shake
Chocolate bar
Chocolate shake
Apple & babybel
Chilli, rice and veg

It's nice having other a fridge full of shakes that aren't just latte! I'm sure I will OD on the chocolate now xD

Bring on a good day 4!


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Day 4

Went well. I strayed of the SF plan but stayed well within the 1400 kcal limit.

Banana shake 230
Boots shapers meal deal sandwich 290
Boots shapers Fruit pot 80
Boots shapers salted popcorn 90
Boots shapers drink 10
Sausage and mash with veg 600

So about 1300 kcals. This is what I planned on doing when going to the gym... so I'll be doing it on day 5 too yay gym!

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