Kandy gastric bypass diary before and after(ish) piccies!

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by kandy, 25 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Well this is exactly what it says it is a new beginning and today i have booked (and paid the deposit ) to have a gastric bypass in belgium with Dr Dillemanns. I have researched researched researched and then researched some more.
    I am afraid, excited, worried, elated to name but a few emotions that are hounding me right now.

    I am fed up beating myself up because i cannot get a grip on dieting the textbook way but not satisfied to remain in pain and discomfort and feel like one person but look like another :sigh:!

    I had a taste of slimdom with the cambridge diet and i loved it but i missed my golden time there, so time to create another opportunity.

    Date booked 26th october 2007 !
    Wish me luck Kandy XXXXXX :D
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  3. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    Kandy! Sweetheart how are you!! :)

    How exciting that you're taking this big, life-changing step. I wish you ALL the luck in the world - I hope to be with you every step of the way via this forum.

    I'm taking another run down the CD path but completely understand how frustrating it can be to be on a perpetual merry-go-round of loss and gain.

    How are things generally?

    Keep us posted on your new journey :)
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Good luck Kandy. So pleased you have made the decision

    Irene xx
  5. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hi Debbie,
    I will definitely keep you posted ,feel quite emotional really on the verge of tears then nervous then grinning from ear to ear ! Women huh ! lol

    I am not worried about the op just paying back the loan i have taken out to pay for it ! :rolleyes:

    I also have to do 3 weeks slimfast before i go to shrink my liver so only 1 week left of food for me and i am upping my exercise too. They said during surgery they collapse a lung for the duration so the fitter i can be the better the recovery and i am determined to do this by the book !

    Hope your ok and your doing well with CD i wish you well as we know the results can be awesome.

    Take care love Julie XXX
  6. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hi Lovely Irene,
    Thank you, i hope its the right one ! lol

    Hope your ok love Julie XXXX
  7. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Hey honey, long time no see. Glad you have reached the right decision for you, and you know we're to hold your hand when you need us :hug99:
  8. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hiya DQ,
    Thanks hunny, I leave 4 weeks today and i am a little nervous but more excited.
    I may have you to thank (or blame lol )for this decision i think it was you who recommended the Carnie Wilson books if i remember rightly and they had quite an impact on me . It was like i had written the book myself in parts.

    Thanks again and will catch up i have been neglecting my fellow miniminners lately (sorry guys) but t'was all in the name of research.
    I wanna get this right so i am now off to browse eurostar prices but i will be back!
    Love y'all Julie XXX
  9. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

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    weight Watchers now but did LL/CD
    Good luck on your new journey!

    Nas x
  10. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Good luck Julie!

    I look forward to hearing all about it over the next few months!

  11. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hi all,
    Thanks Nas i think i am gonna need it lol xxx

    Hey there Barb,
    Hope your well hunny i will definitely keep you informed Thanks for stopping in xxx

    Well today i recieved some e-mails from my surgeon quite good really just to tell me the op will be 45 minutes long s'ok !
    I will be in intensive care for 2 days :( hmm not s'good !
    I may be in excrutiating pain for 2 days with wind :eek:(yey i can hardly wait) :rolleyes:
    Bring it on !
    So i am free to eat what i want until wednesday hmmmm but i have such a nervous stomach i can barely eat anything (lost 5lbs since monday)
    Grossly unfair dontcha think !

    Well will be back with all my updates until i am for the chop :eek: !
    Love to y'all Julie XXX :D
  12. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Well october tomorrow and trying desperately to keep myself busy so i dont have time to think about the op.
    I have decorated my kitchen and dining room and done shedloads of gardening this weekend so i havent had to face it at all this weekend i know i should i havent got long and i need to buy stuff.

    I have been given a huge list of stuff i need to take with me so i should get onto that soon.

    Love to all Julie xxx
  13. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Hey babes

    Well you know you are going into October a different person than you will be exiting it - kinda exciting thought really!! :)
    Just wanted you to know there's a special angel on your shoulder, whispering prayers, encouragement and showering you with love. :hug99: Yes, it was me who recommended the Carnie Wilson books, and I still re-read them every now and then. :cool:
  14. bondgirl

    bondgirl Member

    Hi Julie:D

    Well what a wonderfully exciting yet terrifying process you are going through......from one who's been there;)

    I want to wish you the very best of luck......try to think of this as the start of a wonderful era, something that will completely change your life beyond recognition and I don't just mean your body size.

    6 months ago just before my op I was unhappy, unhealthy, single and so very worried about my life and how I was on the way to cutting it short, I was also govourned by food:mad: now I'm nearly 6 stone lighter, happy I'm free from food(its control anyway) healthier than ever, have met the most wonderful guy ever, and I'm finally accepting and learning to love my ever changing figure.

    There was something I wanted to ask....you said in an earlier post that your op will last 45mins....are you having open surgery? its just mine was keyhole and lasted 5 hours:eek:

    All my love...good luck
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  15. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hiya Babes,
    Thank you so much for that i am looking forward to it but it seems so soon and i panic when i think how close it really is now!

    I am so glad you posted about those books, made such an impact on me thats for sure. I hope its as successful for me as it has been for her!
    Take care sweetie luv Julie xxx
  16. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Hey Zoe,
    I have been reading your thread and i see how much your life has changed its great i am so pleased for you !

    I am having mine laparoscopically (thats keyhole isnt it :rolleyes:)
    and yes its 45 mins.
    So have you any advice or pearls of wisdom that may help me on my way.
    Have to admit i am more nervous about the train ride than the op i hate trains :mad: .
    I will keep you posted take care love Julie XXX
  17. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    It WILL be successful for you :hug99:
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  19. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Thanks DQ :sign0168:

    Hope your ok hunny and i really appreciate your hugs needed that and feel all better now ;) xxx

    Today i have had a call and am in the process of trying to sort out travel arrangements which you would think NO PROBLEM i mean how hard can it be :rolleyes: lets just say everytime i go onto the eurostar page i get a little nervous:sign0007: :sign0131: if you get what i mean :sick0019: :argh: .

    This is probably due to my new hobbies :eatdrink051::party0051: :eat: :party0036:which i wont go into right now :giggle:

    I am bracing myself for my diet sheet to arrive tomorrow probably so must go need a biscuit!

    Love y'all Julie XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  20. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Well today i was expecting my pre op diet but it isnt here yet dont know if it will turn up but i am supposed to start tomorrow !

    I am relieved but a little concerned it isnt here yet but i spose there is still time!

    Had an awful night after getting info on travel ect and booking a few tickets i had a panic attack of mega proportions normal i spose!

    Will try to stay positive and focussed on the reasons i want to do this although at the mo i just cant remember!

    Julie xxx
  21. kandy

    kandy Silver Member

    Today i have booked train tickets , eurostar tickets and the hotel arrangements are in progress just waiting for confirmation from them.

    So i am really going to have my belly chopped up hmmmmm.

    I am happy about that today :rolleyes:.

    I am worried about after the event and being too poorly to get back to work.

    I had my pre op diet and that begins tuesday and its a protein diet so glad its not slimfast after all

    Tomorrow is last supper i am having my christmas dinner (dont laugh :eek:)
    I feel its one thing i will miss for sure !
    All in a good cause i s'pose lol :D
    Julie XXX
  22. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Definitely all in a good cause - 110% behind you babes :hug99:
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