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KD's Question for Monday.


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My nephews

My favourite place - St Ives

The sight of a familiar friendly face after a traumatic experience
The Taj Mahal, not only aesthetically beautiful but a symbol of enduring love which in itself is even more beautiful than the physical structure.

Yes without doubt my children as brand new babies - meeting them for the first time was so special - and they were all so beautiful (well to me anyway!)
Def seeing my daughter for the 1st time the most beautiful thing ever i dont think i ever cried as much with happyness in all my life and now she's 3 just dont know how she has gone from a tiny 7lbs 6 to over 2stone and is the height of the fridge!!!!
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My decree absolute haha


Must do it this time
Def Have To Go With The Majority,seeing My 2 Babies Faces For The 1st Time Is 2 Moments I Will Never Forget,the Best For Me By A Mile!!!!
Tough one, but my DH when DD was in hospital, I rang him in such a state and he raced back, the minute he walked in will never be forgotten x
Awww, i missed this one!

Hmmm, got lots. I love the way that Oli smiles at me across the crowded bar. It's like there's only the 2 of us in a room.

Seeing seren (my lil niece) play in the water totally butt naked always makes me tear up - she honestly is the most adorable thing in the world.

Baby tortoises....Cows when they run (anyone ever see a cow run downhill? What a fantastic sight!!)
Aww, linda! bless xxx
the pyramids and sphinx always had wanted to see them and when we went to see them it was wonderous

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