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Kebabs!! :o)

Hey again everyone!!

Ok another question...with regards naughty food this time!

My friends and I are a nightmare for staggering into the kebab shop after a night out but I've been looking at the eating out guide and I'm confused.

Doner Kebab with Pitta and Salad - 9.5 pts yeah? That's just a run of the mill kebab..doner meat and salad yes?

Now the bit where I'm confused...what is the difference between a chicken doner kebab (7pts) and a chicken shish kebab (4pts)???
In our kebab shop I'm pretty sure you just ask for a chicken kebab...what is chicken doner / chicken shish??? LOL

Confusion...also found the tip on the Hellmann's Mayo thread for using extra light mayo on kebabs instead of the kebab shop sauce. Granted I do love the kebab shop sauce but that must pile on points too??

Thanks all!! Just clearing this up before the weekend!! :D
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Don't know the ins and outs sorry but i used to get my sauce seperate and dip the meat in it that way i wouldn't use up as much points.
hi i am not doing ww but just putting my knowledge of kababs down (god knows i've eaten a few) i THINK (as i have never had one) a shish is on a stick where as the bog standard chicken kabab is where they just cook chicken pieces on the hob. theres probably much more to it than that but i have seen chicken on a stick (shish) and the chicken pieces come out the fridge and cooked on the hob which i have/had all the time i very rarely have doner meat.
See that's where I didn't think it was chicken on a stick because they both say 'with pitta and salad'...to my knowledge the kebab on a stick is purely that...meat on a stick with onion/peppers etc.

Hmmm still confused!! LOL :confused:
I can't help I'm afraid, because when I have a kebab I always have a doner kebab (mmmmm!!) but I can definitely vouch for the light mayo! I usually get a doner kebab with the salad and pita and then add my extra light mayo at home, which only adds an extra 0.5-1pt, as opposed to the 1,000,000 points the shops full fat mayo would add! Lol

I do have another question to add to this thread though, if that's ok?....

In my eating out guide (it's a year old, so maybe the new one's a bit more precise?) it just give points for 'a kebab', but it doesn't actually say what size! For that reason, I always get a small to avoid having too many points, but I'd hate to think I'm doing myself out of a medium! Lol! Does anyone know what size kebab the eating out guide is actually based on? (Ooh, I hope it's based on a large kebab, with chips, hahaha).
Haha love this post Marie!!!
I think it's based on a 'regular' kebab...our kebab shop does 2 sizes...small/regular or large.
I always have a regular one because the large is massive and definitely would be about 20 points!! haha!!
I do prefer doner kebabs to chicken but with the chicken being a good few points less (especially the 4pt one if I could find out exactly what that is!!) it seemed more appealing...
Extra light mayo..must stock up!!!!
If I were you, this is what I'd do...

Next time I wanted a kebab, I would go to the kebab shop and just ask if they do Shish kebab. I wouldn't actually tell them I don't know what it is (lol) I'd just ask if they do them and then order one if they do...then you'll see the difference between that and a normal chicken kebab and also find out if you like them!

I have had chicken kebabs in the past, but I just feel like I'm eating a chicken salad, which just doesn't hit the spot like a big fat doner :)
Yeah totally seeing your point with doner. Chicken in a pitta with salad doesn't seem as bad and for 2.5 points more I'd rather go with the doner! YUM!!!
But this time no sauce and a big dollop (or 2!) of extra light mayo!
Roll on Saturday!!! :eek:) haha!!
I was planning on a having a pizza or crisps and dip on Friday night, but after all this kebab talk, I think I might go for a nice big (*ahem*, I mean small/regular, lol) doner kebab instead! Mmmm!
Mmmm, kebabs. Haven't actually eaten one for about 3 years but after all this kebab talk, I may have to allow some points for one! Reading these posts does me no good, lol.
Has anyone tried those kebabs that you can get from Morrisons/Iceland etc that you can stick in the microwave? They're not the same as the real thing, but might be good to have when the urge strikes. Also, you can know the exact amount of points you're eating cos all the info is on the side of the box. God, how sensible do I sound?!
Hi as chicken shish kebab is chunks of chicken on a skewer, whereas a chicken donar is like a normal donar except it is chicken. I like both but think the shish is healthier.
That is exactly right loobe.

A chicken Kebab is exactly the same as a Donor Kebab apart from it is chicken and not Lamb.

The Shish Kebab comes on a stick so no pitta bread to be seen. xx
Our kebab place still does the Shish with a pita...they don't do chicken doner, only chicken shish -which I never have, because it's FAR too healthy for me! Lol
Chicken Shish with a pitta that is a donor kebab LOL

Chicken Shish is on a skewer LOL
Ok...now I'm confused...because when I asked for a chicken shish once before (I must have been running low on points or something, lol!) they cut it off the skewer, cooked it and served it with a salad and a pita :confused:
Our kebab place is the same...shish kebab is served in pitta with salad just like a doner...so there would be no difference between chicken doner kebab or chicken shish kebab...both chicken in pitta with salad and so both 7 points!! haha!!

Strange how they all work differently!


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i am so pleased that i only like chicken kebabs and not doner...doner meat must be THE only unhealthy thing that i dont like....so I often have the chicken kebab and pitta and salad and no sauce, i will from now on have the xtra light mayo at home too!! bargain!
i have to agree that i think that the chicken kebab with pitta and salad is a chicken shish taken off the stick...but then where are the onions and peppers??
OR, is chicken shish one of them things on a stick like minced up chicken, you know like you can get the lamb things on sticks from tesco etc to go on a bbq?? well maybe there is chicken version of that on a stick....

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