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Keep Smiling

Hi everyone.

I have been on the Lioptrim diet now for 10 days and I have stuck religiously to the plan. I had my first weigh-in when I was on day 5 and I had lost 12lb. :)

Before I started the plan, I had grown to a whopping 15st 8lb and had put it down to the old 'middle age spread. I started to hear all the jokes about 'ironing my shirt over a wok' etc but what I think really got me to this size was the fact that I had quit smoking 7 months earlier.

I had tried the gym combined with eating healthy and would hammer this lifestyle for a few weeks and not see any results and eventually lose interest. With this, I have started to see results almost immediately and have even started to fit back into tops that I thought I would never see again. :D

I started off trying the Chicken Soup as part of three freebies offered by the chemist to get me into it and I thought it was bloody awful. I know that the makers say its not designed to taste nice but even so it didn't inspire me. I then tried what they attempted to 'pass off' as a flapjack and that flew into the bin shortly after. I am lucky to say though that I tried the strawberry which brought back my sanity and since, I have found both the chocolate and vanilla are nice too.

Days 1 and 2 were okay, day 3 and 4 I could have committed murder for a chinese, day 5,6 and 7 were tiring but I feel okay now. When I need a boost, I look in the miror and also look forward to my weigh in when I get a little despondant.

So what now? Well my target weight is anything that starts off with the word Twelve. I don't care if its 12st 13lb, it just starts with that magical word and I can go back to my healthy eating and a new me. I do tend to miss food but I think thats more the texture of it rather than the items themselves and I always turn to the water and coffee / tea if needs be.

I will keep updating the site and don't mind if people want to comment or e-mail for support. Until next time, just remember

keep smiling and stay positive :D
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