Keeping the weight off when at target!


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Just wondered what everyone else intends to do when they reach their target weight!

Are you going to join one of the well know slimming groups to help keep it down ? or do the sensible eating approach ??

For me it will be sensible eating but I think I need to find a way to redress the balance of what i eat. eg: more protein and less carbs. I have found since becoming a veggie its been hard to loose weight and even put loads on!! . I think that maybe because of the higher carb content of some of the foods ??? ((and being a greedy so&so :D )).

Whats everyone else planning to do ??

Deb x
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I'm considering going down the GI route too - once I've worked my way up the maintenance steps.

I'm still (roughly) on the 790 plan, so still have the 1,000/1,200/1,500 steps to go before I'm done. I think by then I would have learned what works for me anyway - although I'm very much attracted by the high protein/low carb way of eating that I enjoy so much at the moment.

Slimming groups have never worked for me before, so I don't see any reason why they would now. Besides, Minimins is my slimming group now :)


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I find I stick to a fairly low carb diet when not out on the raz and it works fine.
I have taken the lessons I have learnt from doing maintenance and now apply them to sensible eating.
Carbs are our real enemy as they make you hungry and cause you to store excess as fat.
Also I find that activity is a big thing up your levels and away you go. After losing the weight it is easier to excercise and whenever possible I will run up the stairs rather than walk.


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I'm working my way through CD maintenance, and also applying low GI rules. The books by Rick Gallop are really good - and his carrot cake is the best I've EVER tasted, anywhere! So far, so good. (fingers crossed)
Ann x


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I think it's great to see you discussing your maintenance plans before you get there, so to speak.

Initially I didn't do this and when I reached target just before Christmas 2003, and inevitably lost the plot over the whole Christmas period, I found it really hard for the first six months to stabilise my weight.

Now I've found what works for me (and I must say that I didn't lose my weight with a VLCD but through healthy eating). That is eating pretty much as I did when dieting Monday to Friday as it's easy for me, and I'm at work anyway. Saturday I have a treat (perhaps some bread), and Sunday I can eat whatever I like. OK sometimes my Sundays have turned into bingefests :eek: but I've learned to temper my enthusiasm for chocolate. And, after all, there's always next Sunday!

I now find that my weight barely fluctuates from one week to the next, and that's been the case for 2.5 years now...


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im going to eat healthily and have already swopped food brands over for the family to low carb low fat etc, where possible, im also going to try the paul mckenna `think your self thin hypnosis thing` where he tries to teach you to only eat when your hungry and then stop when your full, but im doing well right now and im on 1500 with no real desire to eat extra


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I did WLR for a year after goal. I needed a diet where I could include anything I wanted. I felt confident that the main part of my diet would be healthy food, but I didn't want to deprive myself of anything ever again.


I'm going to do Dukan, a bit tricky here because you can't get some ingredients so I'll have to substitute. I don't want to be weighing food and counting calories for life, and I don't fancy the GI stuff much. So I've got to do something easy for me to cope with, and this has a sensible stabilisation and maintenance programme.


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Hi Claire

What is the "Dukan". I have had a look on the net,and any reference to Dukan and Dr Pierre Dukan is all in french! Can you shed any light on the principles of the "diet"?


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I don't want to be weighing food and counting calories for life, and I don't fancy the GI stuff much.

I can understand that. I should just add though, that even though I did WLR, I ended up with very little weighing and the counting was done for me. Now I do neither. I suppose it is still a calorie controlled way of eating though...but that covers pretty much every diet.

I've heard of the Dukan diet, but know little about it. Tell us more :)


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I too am following the GI principles, I just love the fact that I can eat plenty, so it doesn't "feel" like a diet & I'm never hungry. After doing CD my tastes had changed anyway & the longer I stay away from the "crap" foods I used to eat, the less I feel like them - honest!!! In fact I had pie & chips last night, not from a chippy, it was an M&S pie & their oven chips but it didn't agree with me at all, I just don't eat like that anymore and anything with too much fat and/or sugar just makes me feel ill.

It's great to see that so many people can maintain after a VLCD and it seems to me it's better than the national average of something daft like only 5% manage to maintain their weight after losing it. I could be wrong of course, but there are a lot of maintainers or people who put a bit back on & stop it before it gets out of hand again. It certainly gave me hope whilst I was losing & previously I'd never kept my weight off for any reasonable length of time, let alone 7 months, which is what I've done this time.


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Forgot to say, I've never heard of Dukan either, would love to know more.


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I have never weighed anything do not posess a set of scales.
When I did the maintenance plan i guesed all the measures but everything has a weight on it when you buy it now so it is quite easy.
The main thing I find with maintenance is to eat lots of the things with low carbs and fat to fill you up.
You shuld see the piles of salad I can demolish. But I don't cover anything with loads of salad cream or mayo or dressings just a bit of pepper and low cal dressing.


Dukan is a French diet, devised by Dr Pierre Dukan. It has similarities with Atkins but I think it more suited to my tastes because I'm not a huge meat eater and the Dukan diet uses low fat dairy, fish and meat protein. There is an English translation of the diet principles here:

DUKAN DIET provided by

Fromage blanc is pretty much unobtainable here, but fromage frais is a perfectly good substitute. There are tons of recipes and menu plans on the net, all in french but pretty easy to follow. I''ve not found an English translation of the book and have been reading the original, but it is mostly background with a section on the phases, recipes, menus etc.
I like the way it takes into account the fact that you want to be able eat out and treat yourself sometimes after the weight loss is over, and there's a lot of time devoted to stabilisation.


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i too am planning to do the GL diet. although i'm still in the early stages of CD, ie about 1/3 of my way done, my sister is buying me "GL for dummies" & "GL cookbook "for xmas so then i have plenty of time to read them & get aquainted with the idea b4 i need to start using it.
i found it quite encouraging that other people are thinking along the same lines as me.
it all about our relationship with carbs!!


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Congratulation Maintainer!

It is really great to hear from someone who has lost alot of weight and KEPT IT OFF for years. There is hope for me then!

I'm doing LL and am thinking ahead to the future, when I introduce real food again.

I've been reading Jason Vale's Slim 4 Life book and he recommends juicing fruits and vegetables as a way to get lots of good nutrients into the body. I've bought a juicer which I use for the family at the moment, and have decided that this is the future for me too.

I am determined to be like Maintainer and stay at a healthy weight when I finally get to it! I have to grow up and take responsibility - at age 43 it's about blooming time, it think!