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Keeping the weight off

Hi Girls,

I am thinking of starting SF to help me shift some weight, i have been reading all your blogs/threads and your all doing so well and it looks like it really does work!!

Anyway, i was just wondering if any of you had done it and reached your goal weight then managed to keep the weight off when you stop doing sf?:confused: i have told a few people that i am thinking about doing it and they have said 'ohh its all rubbish, you will just put all the weight back on again' - easy to say when theyre stood in their size 10 jeans eh!!!??:mad:

anyway, any tips or advise would be great.


H xx
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its the same as any other diet wheb you come off it if you go back to your old habits of eating too many calories you will put the weight back on.

The idea is when you come of it or any other diet that you gradually increase the calories over a period untill you are back at your 2000 ish a day.
I have to confess, this is something that worries me too.
But, I *think* I'm going to be OK.
Since I started slimfast, I do feel differently about food. I no longer crave all the snacks and crisps and pizzas and rubbish i used to. I'm much more used to eating healthily, and I hope that the time it takes me to lose the weight will help me develop more healthy eating habits so that I'll be OK when I stop the plan.

I plan to stop gradually, so start by introducing breakfast (because i think that will be relatively easy), then lunch (which I think will be trickier). I also plan to carry on weighing myself regularly, so that if I ever put on a few pounds, I can do slimfast again for a couple of weeks to get them off. I NEVER want to get to the point again where I have 5 stone to lose, because it's been so hard. If I'd done something when it was only 1-2 stone, it would have been so much better.
slim fast teaches you how to eat properly. you have your 2 shakes and can have snacks and then your 600 calorie meal. the longer you do it for the more your stomach will shrink so will not be possible to eat big meals without feeling fuller faster!
eventuly i am going to cut my shakes down to one a day and replace it with a daily meal that would replace the calories of a shake.
i will always weigh myself to make sure i never go over 5lb above ideal weight.
maintenence is hard for all diets. but we have taught ourselves that over eating = gaining weight
i love slim fast and cant fault it in any way. give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you feel?! :D
thanks for the advice all :) i will give it a go, i plan to start on monday, i have been to Boots today to stock up on shake and have bought myself a 1l bottle of water to start getting myself into a routine of drinking (im in training as we speak!!)
My plan is to shift the weigh on SF then go back to Slimming World or have low calorie meals to replace the bars/shakes. That's the plan anyway.


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my plan is the same as girl27's!! SF is a weightloas solution, it's not particularly the healthiest waybif doing things admittedly, but it's not designed as a lifelong thing! As soon as I am near to target, within perhaps 7lbs, I'll swap back to SW. I think it'd be silly to get all the wya to optimum weight and then suddenly start eating. It's important to spend the last few weeks/months of your weightloss in the way that you intend to maintain!! Start as you mean to go on!!

My plan is the same, use slimfast until I'm close to goal weight then go back to slimming world. My calorie requirement once I'm at goal is only about 200 cals higher than what I'm eating now so it shouldn't be too much of a change anyway, just need to find breakfasts and lunchs that are similar in calories to the shakes and add a few extra snacks

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