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keeping the weight off

Hi Groovychick,
I've done LL 3 times and put a lot of the weight back on, i'm going back yet again because with LL the weight comes of quickly and you can see immediate results and thats what keeps me going. I've tried lots of diets over the years and end up back were i started. Each time i tell myself this time will be different, i just can't give up, i've got to keep trying, i'm much happier in myself when i'm slimmer but i just can't seem to keep the weight off long term.
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sounds like mylife !!! i carried on and got the rest of the weight off using cambridge diet, that worked well for about a year, i even became a counsellor as i thought this would help me to keep it off but it never, i felt so guilty as i was getting bigger and my clients were getter smaller, it was hard to stay motivated...i kept trying to get back into sole source but it was so hard and i wasnt disciplined enough. I like LL as i find it alot more stricter and disciplined than CD but the whole 100 day thing didnt appeal thats why im glad i can do it for a month and then i will see how im getting on and take it from...i swore i would never let my weight get this bad again but it has and it disgusts me :cry:
at least im doing something about it instead of moaning !!!


Back to the grindstone!!
Folks, I know where you are all coming from, trying to get back on track and finding it soo tough. I too was a lot happier in myself when I was slimmer and annoyed with myself for letting it get away from me again.
I guess we take each day as it comes and try to keep the thought of what it will be like to reach that goal firmly in the front of our minds when faced with temptation. Easier said than done, I know that all too well.
Good luck!


Why Be Normal?
:cry:Hi Scottwannabethin, Anniew and Groovychick --

Congrats on getting back with the programme.

I finished Foundation in October:bliss:, did a few management meetings --but so few people stayed and there did not seem to be much of programme being followed :sigh: ... so I thought, "I'll just manage on my own:8855:." I did OK all through the holidays :happy036:, but have recently just let it go . I have put back on about 10 pounds :cry:... and so have decided to make a effort this week to start taking the pounds back off (and certainly not add any more):character00115:. But, I think if I do not see a loss this week... I may just go back on abstinence :help2:. Has anyone done this... and does it seem to work ok the second time around? Did you find it more difficult?

Abstinence is definately more difficult, second/third and fourth time around, i have gone back to abstinence 3 times during the last three years, and each time put the weight back on. But i keep trying.


LighterLife Returner
Hi All,

I just finshed RTM, after nearly 30 weeks abstinance... During that time I would ask every single returner who joined our group (a small, ongoing mens group) if they had completed RTM last time.. they all said no...

I think that finishing RTM increases the likelyhood of maintainance success?


Is back in the saddle!
That, in my opinion, was my failing too last time, no RTM. I'm determined to go the whole hog this time.

If anything I'm finding it easier this time around because I know what I'm in for and how quickly I will get the results! Roll on summer and those skimpy tops!
i think that was my downfall last time, i couldnt afford it but now have learnt the hard way that doing RTM is the key to keeping it off..i am now armed with my packs and will be starting on monday !!!


...we're sinking deeper.
RTM is very important to follow - it stabilises your body over the period of 12 weeks, if you start eating even a little bit more in the first 5-6 weeks you WILL put weight back on. I mean your body has been in starvation mode, any extra and it'll go into overload. Excercise is very helpful also because your metabolism will be very slow at this point. Even about 10-15 mins of powerwalking up and down your street WILL help! :p
At the end of the day, while doing RTM I found it very useful to actually assess my reaction to different foods and how they make me feel and whether I'm likely to start bingeing after eating them.. Surprisingly enough grapes made me want to go crazy for food! While sugar-free jellies filled me up and satisfied my hunger. :)

The most important thing to do - even after RTM is to keep on top of your food.. Some helpful tips are:

Work out a daily time schedule such as :
Have breakfast (30g Special K + skimmed milk) and note down in your head how many calories it is approximately.. Never skip breakfast - it makes it more likely that you'll get very hungry later and binge!
Then work out a time for lunch ~ about 3:30pm-4pm, a light tuna/chicken salad. Actually write down what you will have and how much!
Then dinner at about 7:30-8pm.. It is useful to at least in the first week measure out 50g uncooked rice/pasta measurements.. It doesn't look like much, but it does expand! Then follow up with whatever you want to have with it. :)

As far as snacking goes - if you have a weak spot for desserts (like I do!!) buy a small bar of chocolate or whatever you want. :) I buy the 46g Galaxy bar = 250 calories in it, and I enjoy it more because I savour the taste, and I know I can have it!
Also another great tip is - have a fruit bowl ready in the kitchen. If you feel peckish, wash an apple and take it away to another room! If you take your healthy snack away from the kitchen - you're less likely to return for more snacks! Plenty of fluids also help, I consume amazing amounts of coffee!

Also - keep busy!

It took me quite a few months to work all of this out for myself to be honest. I finished LL 8 stone ligher mid-october and did RTM. Christmas got in the way though, and I gained about 10 pounds back. But I've been fighting hard to work out something that works out for me. Gone back on LL a week ago, want to shed the pounds I've gained and reach my target weight!

However, if you are redoing LL for the 3rd time, 4th time or what not.. Do you not feel the need to work something out? There is obviously something going wrong, maybe not enough excercise, maybe your relationship with food hasn't changed as much as it should have, or you just aren't as careful with portion sizes (something I still need to work on! Portion sizes :sigh:)

Maybe pay closer attention to your calorie intake, actually write down *everything* you're having for about a week and tally up the calories... But only after RTM - which you should follow down to the dot - your body needs a very slow re-introduction!

I don't know.. lol. Good luck. :) Maybe this was helpful in some way.



Is back in the saddle!
Some great tips there Minerva. Not too sure about eating so late though, I get reflux all night if I'm not careful.

I should be having a bit of support in RTM from OH who has decided he will join me as best he can, probably with extra protien, and hopefully lose a bit of weight himself. I'm looking forward to it.


...we're sinking deeper.
Hee the eating late, I mean that's just my schedule because my boyfriend doesn't like eating earlier than that, plus if we eat earlier we tend to snack at night since we only go to bed at around 2am.
The schedule should be worked out on your own needs and such. :D
Hi Groovychick,
I've done LL 3 times and put a lot of the weight back on, i'm going back yet again because with LL the weight comes of quickly and you can see immediate results and thats what keeps me going. I've tried lots of diets over the years and end up back were i started. Each time i tell myself this time will be different, i just can't give up, i've got to keep trying, i'm much happier in myself when i'm slimmer but i just can't seem to keep the weight off long term.

Hi there,

do you mind if I ask you whether you followed any kind of a maintenence plan or way of eating after you completed LL? Or did you go back to your old ways of eating?
I would be really interested to know as I am nearing the end of foundation and am petrified of piling it all back on.
i carried on with the cambridge diet then just used slimming world to maintain but it was over xmas and any diet just goes out of the window...i slowly put it back on over the next 18 months purely just thinking i could eat what i wanted again but alas i learnt the hard way...i did try lots of faddy diets and even joined the gym but i jsut messed around.....i did have a period of about 6 months though where i was good all week but had what i fancied at weekends and this seemed to work, however my trouble began when i thought i could do this every night. unfortunately there is no magic wand, its just something you have to be concious of for a very long time...also i used to weigh myself everyweek and if i put 1 or 2 lbs on then i knew i had to cut back but i stopped doing that hence i am back to square one...it also doesnt help that i work with an officeful of women who all use food when we get stressed and our job can be very stressful hence why everyday someone always brought some form of cake or biscuits in...even now the slim ones try to sabotage us by bringing in lots of crap....i havent told anyone im doing LL again as everyone witnessed my spectacular fall from grace last time by putting all the weight back on and i cant be arsed with any negative comments, i have enough battles going on with my own internal chatterbox without anyone elses input !!!

good luck with whatever you decide to do !!!


Gone fishing
Doing the refeed part to a VLCD is very important, but it's not a guarantee that you will keep the weight off.

That's the next road to walk down ;)
Hi peeps. Good luck to you all!!

If I've said this once, I've said it a dozen times.....

Do NOT skip RTM!!!!! It just is a bad decision!

RTM is the most important peice of the puzzle. Abstaining is easy. Theres no food! We all invest an awful lot of money on this diet - risking that investment by skipping RTM just does not make good sense.

Everyone I have met that has maintained - one now nearly 5 years (!) - they ALL did RTM.

Everyone I have met that put weight back on - skipped RTM.

That was all the proof I needed - though I knew I was going all the way, to the last day of RTM.....but it cemented it when I learned everyone elses experiences.

Good luck to you all - I hope this is the magic one for you!!!

thanks BL, i have definitely learnt the hard way and will be doing RTM...was that 1st pic of you at the top of the arc de triomphe?! if so i have the very same pic which inspired me to lose weight in the first place...ironically carrying a fitness first rucksack to hide my stomach !!! oh the shame :eek: !!!
Yep, me too

Yes BL, I agree totally as you know.
To me the weight losing aspect has been relatively straight forward.
No food at all.
RTM is harder but essential. It's the control thing. I am already finding it challenging. The little voice in my head says "what else can I have?"
I am determined to continue on RTM and attending the sessions regularly. I konw I need that grounding to keep me on track.
Bodiam castle?

BL, I wondered if your new before pic was taken at Bodiam castle. How did you feel getting to the top of the stairs? Did you have to stop to get your breath back?
Thanks for your replies. I definitely will be maintaining my weightloss after I finish foundation but am considering doing the Atkins for this. It is a way of eating that I will be abe to follow as I know I can never go back to eating the way I used to. Good luck to you all :)

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