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Keisha, that is fantastic progress well done! I don't know much about that diet plan but it is obviously working for you. You should be chuffed! Keep up the good work :)


Must do it this time
congrats to you hun,you sound well chuffed and quite rightly so,


100% Focused
Well I lost 3lbs this week. I'm pleased although I could have loss more. Its just that time of the month and I've retained alot of water (really bloated). Did alot of exercise. I didn't overdo it, I listened to my body and I stopped when I should.

In total I loss 17lbs in 4 weeks. Just one more lb and I've loss 10% of my body weight. I have 2.5 stones more to loss by xmas.
Well done you're making great progress :)
Wow brilliant!!!!!!!!!

Goodluck for this week too :)
Wow! Well done you!!! :D


Well wieght loss for this week is 1lb:cry:. I'm very disappointed,after all my hard work. And to top it off, I wanted to buy a new scale because the one I have was getting old. I weighed myself at home first in the same clothes I went out in so I can compare. Walked to homebase and I stepped on one of their scale and it showed I was five pounds heavier. I was like noooooooo:eek::eek::eek:. So I stepped on all 5 display scales and they all said the same.

I thought to myself maybe the display scales were all nackered because of all the usage and the figure I got was wrong. So I bought my new WW scale and when I reach home it said the same thing.

Although of course I lost 18lbs total, there is another 5lbs I have to lose, which has me a bit down:(:(.

Any way I hope my weight loss start picking up abit more than just 1-3 lbs a week because b4 when I was doing WW I was losing that amount weekly. I'm just afraid that i will not reach my target of the stated 3-4 stones I suppose to lose in the 12 weeks.

Sorry 4 the long moan but at least I'm feeling better now.:)


Lost 3lbs this week :happy036:, which I'm quiet please with. Well lost a total of a stone and a half in 6 wks. Hopfully at week 8 weigh in, I'll be 2 stones lighter.:)innocent0001:)
Well done Keisha

All going according to plan!! Good girl

Carol x
Brilliant. Well done.

Forgot to post on Tuesday. Lost another 2lbs, so on my current target, I'm half way there. Planning to 13lbs by the end of November so I can reach my birthday challenge.
Fantastic result! Well done!

Thanks for popping over to my diary in the WW forum by the way :)
Thanks Lea and Mumof3girlygirls. Weight in tomorrow again for me. I'm too hopeful fo any loss. Took a sneaky peek on Saturday and there was no change which is fustrating because I didn't cheat.
Lost 1lb this week :(. Hoping for more but it still counts. Still on totm. Not alot but its doing my head in. It stopped two days ago but started again today. So this makes it 3 weeks. Might need to visit the gp soon.

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