Queen of the Damned
Hi honey, just a little note to find out how you are doing. Hope things are going better for you, and you have a great weekend :)
Awww I had a fab weekend chick, Thanks!

We had a 3 course meal with all the family on Friday night & a 3 course on Saturday day at the wedding.
As it was a posh hotel the choice of breakfast was unbelieveable, you name it & you could of had it so I had a little bit of breakfast.
Was dreading getting weighed this morning but I only put 2lb on which I think is good considering. Really couldnt stick to my packs it wasnt appropriate..
The meals were smallish portions but the food was very rich.. :(
So back to SS now just for a week to see if I can shift at least 4lb then 790 for a week then maybe 1000 as I go on my hols in 3 weeks time.

(Just copied & paste this from my other post) lol